Let me Tell you a Story


It all began…

With me wanting to share some stories and thoughts with the public; to write my own library of stories and ideas from my mind.

book_thread_rose_113231_1280x1024Short Stories

From the first book I read, which had great short stories. Where I didn’t have to come back for continues paragraphs. When it came down to one scenario or an idea for a certain scene. That drove to inspiration about writing short ones. And now I look at every story with a smile on my face.


Journey for Answers

Rather than being a short one. This is a series of the story about Matthew – boy, who discovers himself clueless about his present. With a dedication to seeking out an answer, he begins his journey. Discovering bits of truth along his way to answers.




I picked this up recently. With an idea for expression. To get out the piece of soul. The piece of mine imagination. To place where few words. Can make it sound beautiful.



On a few days, in a few weeks – my mind begins to question reality. And I begin looking for answers towards it. How is our society built and what is right or wrong. Simple light bulb lightens my thoughts and I can clearly get them here.

It might look different after a while, but stories will always be here.

“Nothing is constant, expect a change” – Heraclitus

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