Journey for Answers – Chapter 1 “Beginning”

“Do you think there is more to life than we were told? Like, imagine if we were born in a different country with different names, how our lives would be different.” “Dude, perhaps enough with this ‘imagine if..’ stuff and roll that joint faster. I know you like to debate a lot, to keep your mind busy, but chop-chop will ya.” “You know if you … Continue reading Journey for Answers – Chapter 1 “Beginning”


Adrenaline kept rushing through his body, shifting gears from one to another – visualizing road like another playground. Recklessness was one of his best traits, as he was flying through the woods in his trusty old school Audi Quatro, which he designed for off-road. The mid-80s unstoppable machine, as he referred to it. Rocks from dirt roads were hitting the bottom of his car, turn … Continue reading Driver