Sunday’s Musician

Light struck through the window, as Kevin opened curtains. Brightening room with Sunday sunlight. With an idea of making this day special, he decided to take a hike to the closest park. The wind was knocking at the window – trembling glass slightly. Giving him an idea for a possible cold breeze outside, but the sunshine was telling the opposite. After a few minutes of waking up, a smell of baked pancakes filled the room, reminding him of his mother. She always baked pancakes on Sunday’s and this habit was now dwelling inside of him.

Belly stuffed with pancakes and eagerness for exploring nearby nature, he began packing. Like a little fairy flying around his head, a thought of taking ukulele with him came to mind. An instrument, which he liked to strum from time to time. Like for most of the people, there was a therapist, for him it was a simple musical instrument. A simple way to drift somewhere with just his thoughts, forgetting about reality for a brief moment. Finished packing his bag with essentials, like water and food, books and ukulele – he was ready to set off.

Sun was clearing out last clouds of mist which covered fields from last nights heavy rains. Revealing dears and other wildlife over grain fields, leaving Kevin standing still for a brief moment to admire lovely view. With both hands grabbing straps of his backpack and ukulele hanging out slightly, was time to move on. Listening to classic rock jams with his headphones, wondering about the journey he’s taking.

Few minutes passed since he left the house when a sudden car was slowly stopping by him. A stranger was smiling at him through the open car’s window. Kevin put headphones out of ears and strangers voice came was heard instead of music.

Are you traveling far?” He was a kind and friendly senior.

“Oh no, just until the next crossing.”

“I can give you a lift if that’s okay.”

“Of course, that would be marvelous,” he opened doors and stepped in the car “I’m Kevin by the way, nice to meet you.”

“Name’s Liam,” a friendly face made this Sunday brighter “I saw the ukulele in your bag, are you a musician?”

“Well, I’m at the beginning of becoming one. For now, I like to enjoy strumming it from time to time, like a therapy for bad moods.”

“Interesting, I’m a music teacher. Teaching music for past thirty-five years, that’s how I knew it was the ukulele.”

They were nothing more than two strangers, whose paths crossed accidentally on sunny Sunday morning. Kevin kept wondering, that this has to be faith. Even more, than a coincidence, for he was exploring the idea of hitchhiking last night. They came to the crossing and Liam told that he can take him to his destination if it’s not that far. Luckily it wasn’t far away. They drove for a few minutes while having a small talk on the way there. The car stopped as Kevin told it’s okay to stop here, pointing at dirt road crossing in front of the car.

“Thank you, I can’t thank you enough for this lift. You saved me some time”

“Oh, it’s no problem. I was hitchhiking when I was your age, it was the best time of my life. You should try it to, see the world and then you will know if settling down is really necessary.”

“I will definitely try. Thank you once more for the lift.”

They both exchanged smiles and Kevin stepped out of the car. With thought about how great and friendly Liam was, left Kevin to remember his mother words “treat everyone the way you want to be treated”. Kevin was always the kid who never wanted to harm anyone. The kid who always stayed humble and kind to others. For it finally happened, the world gave back the same attitude as it received from Kevin.

The destination was at the reach of his hand, with just a few steps left. Sun was brighter than ever through the last week and a fresh wind blew in his face. It was sure faith or coincidence, leaving Kevin to wonder about thing Liam said in the car. Mornings journey wasn’t like he imagined it in the beginning, but it sure was greater than expected.

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