Way of Life

I’m living in a countryside house, sleep above the barn. At mornings I hear tractors outside, working on fields. Every next day I wake up with a thought of moving further, a simple settle for months. The minor pause in my journey, as I venture further into the world. I have no worry about something going wrong.

Feeling the difference between people here keeps me wondering, is there a common language between us. People, who are here from the time when I had no clue of ending up here. Ten years ago, as they set foot in this house, with no clue of our paths to cross. They met many individuals through these years, but they never stayed long enough to become friends. A small group of three misfits, the kind, the selfish and the drunk. Example of forming a bond between individual interest, which kept them together as friends for years to come.

Ten years ago I argued with my mother, she was positive about my settling down at this age. Of me having kids with the apartment and most likely a debt with my name on it. The more my journey continues, the more grateful I become for not choosing that path. A path of ordinance every human is taught, the normal way. System, which determined the normal steady path for kids from my childhood. I was different from the other kids, left there to question the system and pushing myself away from it slightly. The more I wanted to be myself, pushing my self from ordinary, the more it pushed back with its opinions. Despite all mixed emotions, I went with the smile through the storm of people opinions. The simple thought of being misunderstood overwhelmed me from time to time. But I knew, I can’t blend in, when I was born to stand out from the crowd. From the crowd of ordinary minds, to rise above everything that tried to bring me down.

The time is now and I left ordinary life behind me. But no matter where I go, feeling of being different chases me. Instead of letting it take me over and feel sorry I’m not like the others. I decided to embrace it. After all, at the end of my journey there will only be a few with me. I don’t know who they gonna be, but I’m gonna be there with them.

As I venture into the world unknown, to find myself once more, to see what’s more to see. To question worlds deepest mysteries and unravel its secrets. Catch its beauty on my way to happiness. Never truly knowing what’s gonna happen after a few weeks later, that is my way of life.

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