Ruthless Heat

Sun got more ruthless minute after minute, hour after hour, lowering our water supplies lower and lower as we continued heating up like stir fry on pan. Clear skies made us remember times when we took clouds for granted, days when we wished for them to be gone; those times meant more than gold today. Water supplies were running out faster than we though they would. Heat went from enjoyable to unbearable, leaving us with few spots of shadow. Naive though of getting taking off shirt to get tanned while at work, wasn’t the best idea – turning some of us in red walking lobster roaming human race. For us people, who place pavement for public schools – glancing on sun reflection from white pavement, felt like we were dropped of to concrete desert; with few bottles of water, to await certain time for pickup.

I though this endless concrete desert will be my quitting point, point were humans will breaks and thoughts of dropping everything sets in. Devilish heat tortured us all with its unbearable desire to break our wills. With heat coming on top of us and shadows coming from bottoms of trees, with wind blowing our direction from time to time; a good in bad was restoring our will. When thought of our will to break, a wind would come and set our minds on positive note, making us to finish what we started.

“For everytime I felt like quiting, I remembered why I started it”

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