Journey for Answers – Chapter 11 “Ride”

A couple of hours past and both of them tried to hold a conversation. Caroline’s eyes were shutting down if a conversation wasn’t held. Mike was still passed out at the back, like a guy who spent three days drinking his sorry ass down to bottom – seemed like he could sleep like this until evening. Matthew and Caroline argued about music, resulting Carolines eager for … Continue reading Journey for Answers – Chapter 11 “Ride”

Journey for Answers – Chapter 10 “So It Begins”

“Wake up darling.” Soft gentle words tingled Matthew’s ears and the first thing he saw in the morning was Caroline staring at him. Both of them lying in the bed half-naked. She kissed him and her head slid under the sheets, onto the lower part of his body. ‘Is this even real?’ thinking that this might be a dream, he pinched himself. Surprisingly it didn’t stop ‘it must … Continue reading Journey for Answers – Chapter 10 “So It Begins”


Venturing deeply into the forest on misty Sunday. While mist-covered fields, roads and empty lakes, Three friends would step into woods – looking for a place to spend a night with nature. Lurking their way deeper to hear of the forest. When skies turned from bright to dark three friends would gather to spend a night under the stars, carrying with them guitars and good company. … Continue reading Lost