Venturing deeply into the forest on misty Sunday. While mist-covered fields, roads and empty lakes, Three friends would step into woods - looking for a place to spend a night with nature. Lurking their way deeper to hear of the forest. When skies turned from bright to dark three friends would gather to spend a night... Continue Reading →

Journey for Answers – Chapter 9 “Reunion”

Raindrops hit against the windshield, splashing water on a glass surface. For every second it became stronger and stronger. The white line in front of a car became straight one, instead of countless separate ones. Howling of the wind, and rain hitting above the car, felt like going through endless water tunnel – without expecting... Continue Reading →

Journey for Answers – Chapter 8 “Setback”

“Well, Matty. That is funny nickname by the way,” tiny smile raised on her cheeks “Seems like you and I are bonded now. And by the looks of it, you two had some fight or something like that, care to elaborate?” he explained her everything that happened from the time he arrived there, and her jaw dropped. “Holy… shit…... Continue Reading →


"Don't think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money." - Voltaire

Band of Brothers

In the valley of the vast hot Northern side of Iraq, sat four soldiers. Soldiers who remained the last ones from battalion – clover. The heat was brutal enough to make them sit back in the shadow, except for Charlie whose dark skin made him enjoy hot weather. Their situation was dire, forcing them to... Continue Reading →

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