Destruction for Efficiency

We plan the destruction of everything which does not serve us the cause of efficiency. Starting from personal to more global destruction. When everyone one of us being raised differently, growing up with different opinions. Some try to overpass others with the idea of being more supreme than others. We create a friendship with a thought for benefits what could come out of it. The idea of looking for efficiency in other person life and habits is crazy. Like an idea of writing down homework from the last considerable person, only because forgot to do it. From a person who had no problem of completing it, as schools education tend to put society in a state of misunderstanding what they should do with their lives. Where schools tend to put everyone in boxes, shape them for future to come. Taking away their creativity, which they never explored due to all the unnecessary test they put through. Preparing them for the system, where they have to work certain jobs. Just to keep gears spinning for some higher companies, a small beneficial sacrifice for efficiency for certain business. Where it can scale from small office jobs to the hard labor force in factories. Factories which can leave an impact not just on the human body, but to the world around. In the world where everything keeps running on a single piece of paper – money. With the only thing left to care to be profit. Seeking more efficient ways to earn from worlds recourses, after all, money is made from paper. Is there a way to reach efficiency without planing destruction?

Before we decide to change our plan for destruction, we must start at a place where it all started. To truly change the world for the better, must we change ourselves. Way society treats each other is ugly. We tend to seek ourselves in others and on our way of seeking it leads to destroying or compressing another person. Most commonly it starts in families when parents desire their child to seek out achievements they never got to achieve, due to the societies pressure. For a child become perfect at their parents desired field of expertise, in that way steering young mind into an unknown environment. It can scale from becoming an advocate, policeman or teacher – the list goes on and on. All that without considering, does he want it? The way society treats each other is unimaginable when simple negative opinion can lead them losing their minds and start acting differently than suppose to. When the thought of someone being useful in the long run becomes a reason for keeping contact with that person, completely ignoring their personality and needs. Multiple breakups occurred just because failed to exceed expectations or because more beneficial option came into eyes sight. Lies that keep people together because of fear telling the hard truth, which could jeopardize the whole relationship. The secret agendas people tend to create against each other, resulting in nothing but sorrow in most scenarios. We humans aren’t just some toys with whom to play with and later on replace when the benefit of usage disappears.

Most commonly in schools were kids keep getting pushed in doing homework, study for a long-term test and stay sane while trying to accomplish a list of tasks. When classes get split up into two groups; those who can do it with no huge effort to it and those who have to struggle to keep their “head above the water.” When schools lay down a pile of useless papers on people who have no interest in that field of study, leaving them with a decision – sacrifice time for better grades or sacrifice grades for a better time. At school teachers tend to tell that it isn’t good enough, then they have to study more, creating frustration in their mind about not succeeding in that field. From early ages, they start teaching that if people work harder, there is a reward in the end – but does that perfect grade is worth the struggle? For some sure, they already know what they want to do with their life, the vision is there; when some still keep coming to school blindly, with no clue what they want – just with a picture in their heads, that paper, in the end, will give them good job. With that image in their head, serving as motivation to keep going forward and without acknowledging that there perhaps could be something more to study, than just blindly trying for a better grade. While some studies teach logical thinking, physics – which can feel hard for someone who would prefer the arts or music but would feel easy for someone who favors math or science. In the end most demanding studies like math, language class, and science being the ones that schools think we need, but what happens to artists. How many people didn’t become artists, just because they were failing math and had to study for it harder, otherwise it could result in dropping out. Meaning no paper with approval that they’re ready for a job in the future. There’s a test for what everyone studies years and years before passing. In the end, it does one job – determines our future possibilities. With years spent on education and yet it comes down to one test, the test that will set future generation getting labeled for jobs which they couldn’t even enjoy. Either someone becomes successful accountant, office job or ends up in a dead-end job, the list can go endless, but one thing is certain, there might be no need for creativity. Keeping me wonder if our educational system was designed to create people who will act as gears and keep spinning worlds industry before they get replaced by automated machines.

With industries in which people work hard labor work, just to gain profit for someone who sits on top of it. For the ones who tend to forget about people down there, for they are the ones who gain that profit. In the world were greed is our worst enemy and everyone wants to recognized by the wealth, power or their mark on the world. The desire of going over anything that comes in the way comes to mind and starts steering towards into nothing, but destruction. Leaving countless factories which keep taking natures recourses and exchanging them for profit. When businesses tend to take away earth recourses without consideration – what will happen when we run out of them? But the idea of that doesn’t occur, as countless oil rigs keep appearing in our oceans with a chance of polluting it. The countless mining for useless jewelry, only to gain a profit from it. We desire a comfortable living, a house with a nice view and fact that there’s a forest in the way is just another reason to get rid of it. For how much we cut down trees, just to create the simple thing – money.

Despite how bad it can look, there are good within the bad. There are people who accept everyone the way they are, people who rise to help each another. People who can rise up above the all negative opinions told about them; who inspire others, motivating each other in a way few won’t understand. For some schools who respect everyone needs and don’t start labeling people who study there; schools that give hope and purpose to everyone. Giving chances to everyone shine in their own way, to help them express their true potential. Humans begin awakening from some sort of deep sleep and going out to make a difference; more and more decide to clean our world from pollution that greed has caused – to gain something from the world, we must contribute. We humans came far, let’s not destroy what we built!

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