A Way Out

William had just left from work to have evenings beer, without intention for hooking up with someone. But faith has decided to play a different game with him. Entering the bar, strolling to the bartender and on the way he saw her; her, who differed from all the crowd. She wore a red dress with heels on that night, leaving her as red queen in the crowd of ordinary people. William couldn’t leave his eyes off her, it was affection from first sight. Ignored bartender completely on his way, to ask her.

“Name’s William. What’s the name of such an elegant lady?”

“Casey, and I think you trying to hard.”

With a tiny smile, she grinned and he continued.

“Okay, I’ll make it simple – can I buy you a drink?”

“But of course.”

They drank and danced for the rest of the hour there, later on spending a night together.

Everything went well, they became close and decided to move in together after a few weeks of dating. Casey thought they are rushing things, but William always stated that they have a good thing going, why wait. William was a short-fused guy, with the intention to get involved in shady stuff, but he always managed to hide it from Casey. One day she came home and caught him selling drugs to some of his friends, who apparently came there casually. Finding out he was doing shady stuff behind her back, left her to consider leaving him, but he wouldn’t allow that. There was one thing she honored – Honesty. William was the guy who liked drinking a lot. After he got drunk they would begin arguing about honesty and William would start beating her; all starting with a few face slaps, leading to pulling out fist or belt. Time went by and Casey started to give out thought about her situation.

Casey and William had been in a relationship for months now, and being in a unhealthy relationship left Casey no choice, but to abandon her past life and search for a new one. One night she decided to leave her careless, abusive boyfriend – who began treating her like garbage after the hard truth.

After William demanding another careless fuck from Casey. She had no choice to give him, otherwise, she would end up with a blue eye or worse. Him being drunk on Friday evenings meant nightmare for her – he wasn’t the same guy she met that night in the bar. Tears ran in her eyes while William was doing her from behind. With one thought she held through, thought of this being over soon. Quickly after he passed out, she began grabbing all her stuff – few things that would last her a couple of days. Minutes passed and she stood by the door, with the bag over her shoulder. Looking at lying William she felt proud, proud of leaving her paradise which had turned into a nightmare.

Seconds became minutes and she found herself on the bus, leaving outside of the city. Sitting beside the window made her remember how good beginning was and how she’s running from him, just to have a better life for herself.

“Last stop lady.” The bus driver called to her

“Aren’t you going further?”

“Nope lady, this is the last stop. If you wanted to get out of the city, you should’ve taken another bus.”

“But your’s are number 27. You usually went to the next city.”

“There was an update in the schedule. My job is now to roll until the edge of the city.”

“How can I get to another city now?”

“Not my problem miss. Can you step out of the bus now, its 11 PM and my wife is waiting for me.”

Her heart crunched together, she had no hope of getting another bus. Leaving her to one choice, to stand under the only lamppost there; with the thumb in the air, to hope for any car to stop and take her further. From this point, everything could be better than the life she left behind her.

The Night was cold and wind blow with the desire to freeze anyone. Pitch black darkness surrounded everything around her, except for small beacon of light, under which she stood, with a bag at her feet. Freezing to the bone and seeing how cars pass by, one after the another, her hope was slowly fading away. ‘This is a lot better than going back there, at least I’ll save some dignity for myself’ she thought to her self. Countless minutes passed by, and endless trembling from the cold raised. When suddenly car appeared to be slowing down and hope began filling her heart.

The car started to pull over slowly and stopped a few meters further the road. Full with happiness she lifted her bag and started fastly pacing towards the car, with a bag over her shoulder. Feel of cold was gone, her hope of better tomorrow started to appear in her mind. She was almost hand reach from the car when unimaginable happened.

Her drunk boyfriend stormed out of the car. William being completely drunk and full of anger started walking her direction. The bag fell on the ground, she began walking backward and with turning around tried running, but it was too late – William had grabbed her hand.


He yelled at her and began pulling her closer

“Leave me alone you piece of shit.”

She tried to release from his grasp, but he was too strong and sudden fist came flying towards her eye, making her collapse on her side.

“Look what you made me do darling.”

“Darling doesn’t even come close, you fucking piece of shit.” With all her strength she pulled her up, just to feel Williams hand grabbing her hair, and him beginning to pull her to his car.

“This will be over soon, you just have to sleep it off,” he muttered to himself.


She tried with all her strength, but she couldn’t. Her legs began sliding over the sturdy ground and she found herself helpless, while he kept dragging her to his car.

Like a miracle frothe m end of the road, another cars light emitted over them both. William released her, to don’t look suspicious, but it didn’t work. The car stopped right in front of his car and man wita h size of two door closet stepped out of it. With bat in his hand, he began coming closer to them. And now, the end of the bat was staring right into Williams’ face.

“Look, kid, nothing personal. This isn’t a way to treat a lady.”

“Step out of it old man, this is none of your business.”

With courage from booze, he rolled up his sleeves.

“I wouldn’t do it if I were in your shoes kid.”

William gave a swing with his right fist, but was too wobbly from booze and fell down.

“Look, kid, don’t make it uglier than it is already.”


He stood up for another try, but his cheek had already met the side of a bat, making him fall down on his back.

“Sorry, lady. I had to do it, he won’t come to conclusions. I tried to reason with him.” Williams’ head began raisin up

“Look, kid, don’t stand up, I don’t want to make another swing.”

His voice was thorough, making William remain lying on his elbows, with cold look staring back at the stranger.

“Look, lady, you have a choice to make. Reason with this prick or come with me, I’ll take you to place where he would never get to you. I know his kind, he won’t stop until he gets you or sits behind the bars.”

Williams head would start raising up when end of the bat would stop by his forehead and stranger stating.

“Don’t, just don’t!”

William stood still and Casey put herself together, grabbed her bag and began moving to strangers car. She didn’t give out thought about this might being worse. She saw him as savior, arriving just in time and it was all that mattered.

He owned an old pickup truck, with onl they two seats in front. It had no radio in it, only thing working was the mechanical parts from the car. Both sat ithe n car and drove off, leaving William sitting by his own car. Casey fela t wave of liberation going through her, she had slightly blue eye and couldn’t stop feeling gratitude. With both han,ds she held her bag in her lap, while sat beside stranger who appeared in right place on right time.

“What’s your name by the way?” she had to know how to call her savior.


“Casey, thanks for it back there. I don’t know what would happen if you haven’t shown up.”

“Don’t mention it. I don’t like when men let their primal instincts go out on women, it doesn’t look pretty. How’d you come up to the situation like this anyway?” she explained him everything, leaving no detail out of it. “I see, sudden paradise fading away huh. What you’ve planning to do now?”

“I have no clue, get further away as possible. I know some of my friends who live way east from here, guess i’ll hitchhike my way there.”

With last words and breath leaving her mouth, she passed out fromthe exhausted night.

“Hey… hey, lady. Wake up.”

Casey with pain on her face from last night’s beating began rising up slowly froma sturdy leather seat. Her right eye opened like it should, while left one began opening likea damaged oyster. Sun shined froma window on her cheek, she looked at George and he was holding hot-dog in his right arm “Are you even hungry?” he handed her morning breakfast.

“Thanks. I don’t know how to repay you.” 

George looked at her and genuinely smiled.

From darkest night, came the brightest morning. George had his car parked at gas station and apparently they slept the whole night there. Minutes passed by while they sat in Georges truck and enjoyed hot-dog, when two sudden hitchhikers came by his car. Gentle knock on the window and one of them began talking.

“Wouh lady, look like you’ve been through hell. Listen I have some bandages in my bag, you look like you could use some. Also, can you give us a lift? Some fucker stole our car and we trying to get to him since.” with kind stare at Casey and George he handed them bandages

“Sure, if the back of the pickup is good for you.” George smiled at them

“You kidding, it’s perfect. I hope you didn’t mind a little music.”

He lifted ukulele from his bag and threw the rest ithe n back of a pickup.

“Don’t mind at all, radio is broken anyways.”

George turned the keys inthe ignition and all four of them rolled off to sunrise, with no look behind. Casey’s faith in humanity was restored and she thought to herself ‘When the night is dark and full of terrors, there are few who shine a way for others.’

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