For some time, question about money bothered me – the single piece of paper. It seems like a normal system if I look at it from someone elses perspective, but where I stand, I see people who sacrifice most of their time for it. Everyday, people at work would spend hours, only because it pays great deal. Without gaining any kind of enjoyment from it.

One day I asked them ‘why?’, and simple as it can be – debt.

When people decide that they want to live more comfortably and have nicer things in their lives, they take debt. Small loan for future, with thought that someday it will be paid off; and run for money begins. Gears start moving and people begin to look for faster way to pay off the debt.

Perhaps root for money in society starts when they want to be recognized, not just the crucial fact of owning amount of cash to someone; or it’s basically desire to be slightly above the average. When people desire to live in bigger house or have nicer car, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s not the chase for recognition, there are moments when people are forced to earn more money, due unexpected events – slight pushing them off their comfort zone, possibly shifting their perspective.

In the end – in most of the times, it comes down to unsuccessful planing, resulting to have more extra work on the line. And unfortunate souls begin to sacrifice their health – mental or physical, or both. The trade of health for wealth, with chance for doctors visit afterwards – sacrifice health for money, which later get spent on doctors visit anyways. And yet questions remains – does chase for money is that important in eyes of ordinary citizen, if that can sacrifice their health.

“Don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money.” – Voltaire

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