Journey for Answers – Chapter 10 “So It Begins”

“Wake up darling.”

Soft gentle words tingled Matthew’s ears and the first thing he saw in the morning was Caroline staring at him. Both of them lying in the bed half-naked. She kissed him and her head slid under the sheets, onto the lower part of his body. ‘Is this even real?’ thinking that this might be a dream, he pinched himself. Surprisingly it didn’t stop ‘it must be real than’. Caroline, who he met a day before was now giving him oral pleasure and who was he to mind that. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes – almost falling asleep again. Flowing through waves of pleasure, thinking only about her, the girl who satisfied him in this morning. All that felt amazing, when out of a sudden – cold feeling struck all over him.

He opened his eyes and found himself in a cold, wet bed. Caroline and Mike stood in front of him, laughing about his current state. Mike held an empty bucket in his left arm and was about to go get another one.

“Wait, he’s awake.” Caroline’s words saved Matthew from another bucket.

“The fuck is wrong with you people. Water bucket really? You could just poke me until I wake up. Fucking assholes.” This wasn’t the best morning for Matthew and his attitude sure showed it.

“I told you, Mike, he won’t be happy.”

“Dude. We poked you, rolled you. I even slapped you on a cheek couple of times while you were sleeping. Still wasn’t enough. Water bucket always works.”

“Fuck you, man.”

With the palm of his hand, he swept away wet water from his face. Everything above him was covered with wet and soggy water. This was far worst morning for him this week and all it took was Mike to appear.

Both stood in front of Matthew, smiling like there was something funny, but he couldn’t acknowledge that. Mike started laughing – he couldn’t hold the laugh after Matthew phrases ‘what?’. Matthew was clueless, didn’t knew why they’re smiling, what time it is; hell he even didn’t know where his right sock was. Strolling through the house he catches a glimpse of his reflection in a mirror, which stood just at the level of his face. It was then when he realized. One side of his face had drawn beard with a permanent marker. He rubbed his face where drawn beard was, but nothing, it couldn’t come off. He was getting madder and turned to both of them.

“Mind as well could finish it.” He sighed

“Well sorry man, you didn’t turn to other side and we didn’t want to wake you up. Hats off to our artist.” Mike pointed to Caroline, just to make fun of the situation

“Wow! Classy mate, real classy.” She turned away and walked outside; didn’t speak a word after it.

Matthew got tired of being the only one who was painted and he went for a shower. It had to warm up first – solid fifteen minutes of waiting. He wanted to sit alone, but Mike would interrupt his peace with his last nights’ stories.

“Listen, man. Caroline. Wuff. I mean, there isn’t anything between you right? Ahh, I know it isn’t, she would be so into it if it was.”

“Yeah Mike, I get that. You had sex, bravo, bravo.”

His voice faded and he slowly clapped – clap of sarcasm he would name it.

“Man, are you mad for the water? Come on. By the way, we pushed out my car, it won’t start, but it sits in the backyard.”

“Wait, you what?” he rushed outside.

Matthew van now stood in different place and Mikes car was still tied to Matthews van. It looked fine, but last nights ‘get-out’ attempts damaged something and it refused to start. Luckily Matthews van was going now, miraculously, but was going. He smiled because there was something good in this morning.

Caroline stood by his van, with her bag opened. She was changing from one outfit to another, overlooking her shoulder. She saw them both staring but continued anyways – genuine tease for them. She enjoyed teasing guys and knowing less about them made it easier for her.

Matthew couldn’t swallow fact that Mike took his car.

“It was this morning or you did that right away I passed out. Or better yet, when you went for that cigarette?”

“Wow dude, you sure need something to chill you off. First of all, we didn’t sleep and after 5 AM in the morning you have to get creative. So we snored a little and decide to pull my car out. After that we had se-“

“Mike. You do it again, don’t you? Selling that crap only get you in trouble. But who am I to judge.” he smiled.

Matthew let off the anger and focused on one thing – his van. Van that was ready to venture off, ‘hope its ready’ he thought. Fact that his best friend was dealing coke to all sorts of randoms bothered Matthew slightly. He dislikes stuff like that near him, especially when their about cross a border. He began telling Mike to leave that crap here, otherwise, he can’t go. Mike nodded, said that it’s the last grams of it anyways.

So it began – the last morning in Edgar’s yard. Matthew got in the shower and began scraping off dirt from his last day here. Walls of the house were thin and he could hear them outside, still laughing and having fun under the drugs. After freshen up, he checked the Edgars fridge. He didn’t like taking other people food without their knowledge about it, but ‘everything will go to waste anyways’ he thought to himself. He opened the doors, but there was nothing except milk and a couple of eggs ’okay, omelet it is’.

The yellow fluffy omelet, that tasted like heaven after past days. He didn’t bother using a fork or anything; with one hand he would lift pieces from it, while it kept lying on the pan. ′The hot yellow pancake’ he would describe it.

Caroline and Mike stormed in, seeing Matthew eating straight off the pan left Caroline speechless, but she gave a comment anyways.

“Animal. Dude, that is some animal instinct right there.” She laughed, they all did. “Mate, your van is running. Should we go?”

“How’d you got my key anyway? Never mind, I don’t think I want to know the answer to that.”

“Mate, you left them in the car.” She laughed, Mike grinned and Matthew with surprise on his face nodded towards her. He had nothing to say after that.

They all went outside. Overlooking revving van and feeling a slight breeze of the wind. Van was loud, loud enough to hear it perfectly from the porch – revving of the engine, the old block, which howled for replacement.

Air felt different now. It was fresher, colder and raise Matthews memory about the time with his girl. The cold autumn days, when they sat outside his apartment block, sharing a beer and felling nothing but the wind. When they sat and talked about the future.

“Future huh,” he would say “Place which is another distant glimpse of memory.”

You know what I mean Matty.” She smiled and passed him a beer.

“Of course I know,” he took a sip and continued “Matthew and Nicole. I like that”

“Me too.” Their head lowered against each other and the sat, side by side. The wind would blow on them – fresh and cold, but kind in a way.

They got to the van and began throwing their bags in it. Caroline lit her cigarette and began raising conversation.

“So mates. It begins. Where should we stop first?”

“I don’t think I want to stop anywhere in Baltics.” Mike would try to close the topic and jumped into a van, on far back matres.

“I have no idea. That’s what this about, journey, Right?”

“Right.” She grinned and took another drag from smoke “You think she’s out there?”

“Ruth? Yeah, I think she is. I think our paths will cross. Don’t know when, but we’ll stumble on each other eventually.”

“I didn’t mean Ruth, darling. Mike told me yesterday. I told him not to bother, but he was too drunk to care about what I think.” Matthew looked into a van. He wanted to say something to Mike, but he was already passed out. Matthew sighed.

“Don’t worry Matty. We don’t have to speak about it. Instead, we should have fun together. ” She winked “It appears to me, that you don’t have a girl at the moment” she winked again.

“Like the fun, you had with Mike?” he smiled and gestured with his chin to Mike.

“Oh, darling. He was a disappointment, I hope you know how to please a lady.” Her hand slid over Matthews’ arm, he blushed slightly and with a smile on his face whispered to her.

“Okay, we have to go. This van won’t go its self.”

“Right,” she grinned happily.

Caroline dropped her cigarette, closed the side door and jumped in front of the car. Matthew jumped by the wheel and steered out of the yard. They were at the gates when she would step out to close them and after she jumped inside, immediately saying.

“So it begins”

“So it begins” Matthew continued


From the back of the van, Mike shouted with his fist in the air and passing out immediately right after. Matthew and Caroline laughed at it and rode to the South – in search of missing pieces.

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