Gold Coin

In the underground tunnel which connects both sides of the city road. Laid beggar with his sick dog, begging change with his metal mug. The old man had no one to ask for help in his dire situation. Most people who passed by him ignored him, some even smiled on him and still passed by.... Continue Reading →

Gas Station

I never thought that I’ll choose this, this life to stay here. It’s because this place is different than others if you’d seen the people coming here. Some of them don’t stop for a long time, they just do their business and go wherever they needed. You know who I mean – people. But there... Continue Reading →

Parachute Jump

When the light struck through the living rooms widow, illuminating Slim Kev’s face who laid passed out on the couch. Slim Kev was the first one who passed out last night from their night in the bar. Last night at the bar when they all made an agreement for going skydiving this morning. When Slim... Continue Reading →

Job on 7th Avenue

“So man, you know what we have to do. Simple get in, get out.” “Ye, ye man. Gotcha.” “No. I don’t think any of you understand the stakes here. If we fail, then we’re basically a dead man and there was no point in trying this.” Kiev was nervous about their chances, and there was... Continue Reading →

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