Journey for Answers – Chapter 12 “Private Property”

‘This is good, I like this’ he thought to himself and looked around from van windows. Slowly day began fading away, giving them last moments of sunlight. Matthew felt that they have to spend a night somewhere in the wilderness and he began looking for a decent spot beside the sea. Sea was the place which drawn him closer constantly. Waves crashing shore one after the other and salty fresh smell of it – nothing felt better than waking up beside one.

In hours of search, his prayers could be answered. He didn’t know how, but he had a feeling. The right spot was somewhere at the end of this forest. Some place where cars were forbidden to park. Somehow he missed that sign and couldn’t care about it more. It was only one night and one morning, they will probably let that slide. If someone comes saying it is forbidden or such, he would pull out ‘tourist move’ and tell he simply didn’t know the language.

All that thinking and searching led him to beautiful forest end, with seaside at their fingertips. It was a truly majestic place and he couldn’t wait for them to see that, but both were completely passed out and he had no clue when they will wake up. Matthew was tired from the whole day driving. Took off his clothes and ran for sea, emerging in breeze water. It was cold, yet refreshing and warm in a way to not begin freezing to death. This was what he needed and he didn’t even bother about those two.

Matthew swam there for a couple of minutes, time didn’t matter for him now, he where he belonged – among the waves. Drops of water slid across his body as he walked back to a van. The wind blew at his wet spots on the body, reminding him that summer isn’t here yet. It was time to make himself more comfortable in the van and roll under the blanket somewhere in the back. He wished he had more choices, but sleeping alongside with passed out Mike was the only option at a given moment. ‘Guess I’ll make myself comfortable on the floor’ he didn’t want to inhale drunk friends breath every time he turns his mouth to him. Matthew sat down on vans floor, squeezed in a comfortable position and passed out for the night.

On that night he dreamed about Nicole, about how they would meet each other again. Their both reunion on hot sand beach wherever she is or will be. His mind felt positive about finding her and his dreams reminded him of that.

His eyes began opening from chatter somewhere outside of the van. His head raised and two figures stood right outside the van. Rubbed his sore eyes with both hands and began observing the van. Mike wasn’t there, but Caroline still was rolled like a head hog on the front seat. She wasn’t asleep and Matthews slow movement caught her attention.

“Morning sunshine” she greets him with a smile “seems you didn’t want Mikes attention either.” She giggled

“Morning. Ya, his breath doesn’t seem so appealing. Whos the outside?”

“Oh, just some dude from around, saying we are on his property and such.” Despite this little surprise, she didn’t worried about it

“Are we?”

“Maeby. We have to go anyways.” She pointed to clock, but Matthew couldn’t understand the hurry

It’s eight in the morning. Where you wanna go so fast?”

“I don’t mate, this old dude gives me wrong vibe. But you’re the boss because apparently Mike is still fucked up and I have no drivers license. Leaving you the only driver here.”

“Wait, he’s talking to that old dude completely wasted?”

“Well, not completely wasted, but yes,” she turned her head to the window for a peak on the situation “he seems to handle it pretty well.”

“Okay, fuck it.” Matthew dressed up and jumped out of the car.

It seemed like they were talking for a couple of minutes and Mike was already in good relation with him. Surprisingly, the old man knew their language because he lived close to the border and picked it up from people passing by. Mike was sharing cigarettes as they talked. The old man began chatting with both of them and invited for breakfast at his house. Mike and Matthew looked at each other. Mikes face was happy and he kept nodding ‘yes’ while Matthews remained uncertain, he wasn’t sure about this. Despite them having good conversation, Caroline decided to remain in the van – overlook the situation. It went good and they came to an agreement for breakfast. Matthew jumped in the van, while Mike ventured off with the old man to his house, which was a minute away from them.

“What’s happening?” she would ask, almost knowing the answer

“Oh, we’re having breakfast at his house. Can you believe it? Just have to repark the car, otherwise, he calls the cops, he’s saying.”

“Okaaay.” She didn’t know what to say but agreed to whole breakfast thing.

Old man’s house wasn’t fancy or anything, in some way it reminded of Edgar’s house. With the same old grey walls and paintings coloring them along with them. The only difference was that he was a hunter, who seemed busy in his times. Deer antlers were placed on every spare wall and that made him proud of the work he does. They sat in his kitchen which stood for a living room at the same time. Soon after they landed their asses on hardwood benches, a small boy ran to them with a toy in his hands. He wanted to play with them, but none of them were in the mood for it except for one – Caroline. She grabbed his toy and went to the furthest room, to entertain little fella.

While old man stirred his soup, all three of them began sharing stories and how they end up here. This wasn’t the beach tourist choose usually because of the sign, which said ‘private property’. Matthew quickly explained that he was tired and didn’t catch a glimpse of it. Old man understood that he was a kind and understanding fella. He explained that no everyone in this country will be like he is, it’s quite the opposite as the road goes further to capital.

“John, breakfast.”

Old man softly yelled towards his nephew and both ran to a kitchen in a joyful skip. When they all sit down, the old man began telling his story, about how he ended up with the nephew of his. How his father died in a terrible accident right before he was born, and mother who couldn’t swallow the hard truth, began drinking herself to oblivion. The old man knew that there’s only one way for his future to turn out pleasant, so he took him in, as a guardian. At first, he didn’t know how to raise him or the common topics to speak about – both were complete strangers to each other. Matthew couldn’t believe the story because they looked like they knew each other from birth and he kept wondering ‘perhaps that’s when little guys mother began drinking?’ The old man kept telling them the wisdom of life and how easy future can be screwed over with simple bad decisions. He waved his finger at Matthew, telling.

“If you ever feel down, don’t start drinking yourself to oblivion kid. That way doesn’t bring anything good.”

“Okaaay…guess I’ll keep that in mind.” Matthew sat in front of him and didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

All finished breakfast and went fo the van, to get back on the road and the voice of the old man could be heard from behind them.


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