Job on 7th Avenue

“So man, you know what we have to do. Simple get in, get out.”

“Ye, ye man. Gotcha.”

“No. I don’t think any of you understand the stakes here. If we fail, then we’re basically a dead man and there was no point in trying this.” Kiev was nervous about their chances, and there was no point hiding it.

“Come on Kiev, tranquilo, tranquilo. Everything will go as planned and we get the dough.” The car hit the hole on the road and all of them jumped – up and down.

“Mich, can you keep it straight for at least ten minutes?”

“Dude wanna try it yourself? Boss sure knows how to choose the right road for this.”

“Be sure to say that to his face, Mich.” Milan laughed and grinned about Mich.

“Oh shut up Milan”

“Guys, guys. Quit this shit already, we’re closing up. Game faces chicos.” Monaco pulled out the masks from his bag and everyone began putting on them.

“Let’s do this!”

Kiev snored tiny portion of coke and put on the mask. No one liked the fact that he snored before the job, but there was nothing they could do about it, he was their best hostage holder – a brilliant control freak.

“Shit esse, you really have to do this? Like everytime before we enter?”

Monaco was born in Colombia, where his older brothers always snored coke and that became a reason for his disagreement for it.

“SHUT UP!” Kiev exhaled the stressed air. “Just do your fucking job and let’s be done with it.”

“Tranquilo…si amigo.”

“We’re not supposed to be friends guys, this is just another job and we are another guys to do it,” Milan spoke in the middle of their argument.

Mich turned his head to them and informed that they are closing into the bank. Mich had no problem with the law, no record, nothing, the clearer as can get, hell his name even wasn’t Mich. He was their perfect getaway driver. Growing up around there and racing pizza orders turned him into a guy who knew every alley, every corner and most important – the whole city was in favor to him. Guess he was some kinda legend around there.

Clutching sound of weapon safety klicks and magazine passed around the back of the van. They were ready, ready to get to work. So-called ‘guy in the sky’ had set up jammers for them, all they had to do was get in, control the situation and get the cash – simple. Car tires scratch the surface outside the bank and Mich turned his head to the gang.

“Okay boys, you know what to do.”

“Vamos, vamos.” Monaco encouraged others.

Complete silence covered inside of the bank, the only sound was from people mouths chattering across the lobby and reception. People were forming lines in the bank for their paychecks that were promised, after their time put in work for some higher corporation. It was quiet Tuesday afternoon and no one had a clue what’s about to happen. The whole bank was guarded only by four guards and just two of them stood in the lobby, all the others were beside the vault and reception. At first glance, it looked huge, but on the inside felt small enough for three people to rob it – at least that’s what they expected. The clock began sounding more and louder, hitting seconds with loud ticking sound; it hit the exactly 14:15 and banks doors blasted open. All three of them in weird clown masks charged in. Kiev raised assault rifle in the air and fired few control shots in the ceiling, scaring people in the lobby and continuing with the speech.

“We’re not here for you, we’re here for the money your bosses promised you. There is no need for being scared or hero.”

Monaco and Milan kept their guns on both guards in the lobby while Kiev began disarming them one by one. Lady behind the reception began pressing the alarm button, but she didn’t know that its jammed and won’t give out signal. Kiev was done with the guards on knock both of them in the forehead with the back of his gun and both now laid unconscious on the floor. Kiev was their leader on this, everyone was scared of him because he was crazy and he knew it.

“Guys, they sounded the alarm. It will go out after five minutes and you have roughly six when police get there, so get moving” Mich radioed thought the radio to their ears.

“Okay Milan, let’s move on.”

Both Monaco and Milan jumped over the reception, screaming at the lady behind it to open the vault. The one guard came at them, trying to be a hero of the day. He started pointing a gun at Monaco, who had hostage by his left hand, dragging her to the vault. Guard was confident he will stop, screaming at Monaco.

“Stop or I’ll shoot.”

Monaco didn’t care he kept moving with her and now pointing a gun to her head.

“Do it cabron.”

He encouraged the guard, but he couldn’t shoot. They both stood with a cold stare at each other, locking their eyes with each other. For a few seconds, they looked and Milan came from behind to knock out the guard.

“What’s the matter, dude? Couldn’t you just shoot the dude, time is ticking, let’s go.”

“Tranquilo cabron, tranquilo. I was just playing with him.”

Both with bags on their shoulders and dragging hostage with them got to the vault. There were four minutes left before the cops, but they had to disappear after three. She opened the doors and both stormed inside, leaving poor girl unconscious on the floor – that felt easier for them, to leave her unconscious.

Middle of the vault stood table with countless money bills, stacked in a huge pile. Monaco howled like a midnight wolf from excitement and quickly began grabbing for cash. They had to do it fast, there was no time to waste.

“People, listen up. This is just another Tuesday, nothing to stress about.”

Kiev kept controlling the situation while others kept sweeping out the vault.

“This doesn’t have to end badly, all you have to do is to remain on the floor, bellies on the ground and hands behind your head. It will all be over soon and you will be back to your loved ones.”

He circled around them like a hungry shark for its next meal. The lobby was like his sandbox and the people in it, they were like his toys to play within that sandbox. Kiev enjoyed playing with people emotions because everyone had them differently. For every time when someone tried to move, he would start pointing a gun at him or her, encouraging to keep moving, to give him a reason for pulling the trigger. From the isolated side of the lobby came out the guard, the one that he didn’t expect was there and he began pointing a gun at Kiev.

“Slowly. Drop the gun asshole!”

Guard wanted him to know who he is.

“Okay, okay.”

Kiev began lowering his gun. It almost reached the floor when Monaco with Milan came from the vault. Guard turned his attention to them two, and Kiev quickly shot the guard in the arm with whom he held his pistol. Guard immediately collapsed in pain and laid on the floor unconscious after that.

“Puta mierda, tu esta loco cabron.”

Malta swore at the Kiev, but Kiev didn’t care. Right after Mich radioed them.

“Thirty seconds guys, we have to roll out from here.”

All three stormed out of the bank, with two bags with them. Sirens could be heard in the distance and Mich stood right across the street, with a van that had stolen license plates and random cleaning company stickers on the sides. They got in from the back of it and Mich with screeching tire sound blasted away from the bank, passing police cars on their way. Right after he passed them, he stared in the mirror to see if they turn around for them, but they didn’t. They were driving away from the crime scene.

In the back of the van could be heard the conflict between Monaco and Kiev – about shooting the guard. Monaco pulled down his maks and began swearing in Hispanic at Kiev. Kiev understood only a few words from what he said and could answer only one thing.

“I did what I had to do. He would shoot you otherwise.”

“Really puta, really?” he got anxious “Now they will charge us with murder if they get to us.”

“Get to us? What are you talking about, there’s no way they can get to us.” Milan joined their conversation.

“Wait, wait. Who do you call in past days Monaco?” Kiev grew anxious about their partnership.

“No one amigo, why do I have to contact anyone if we robbing a bank in upcoming time?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kiev knocked on the wall that was between them and Mich.

“Just five minutes and we’re clear.”

Mich’s muttered voice come through the thin metal wall. The whole crew began cheering and Kiev put his forehead against Monaco.

“Brother, what did you do?”

“What? I didn’t do shit, you’re the one who shot him.”

“No that, what did you do before the job?”

“What are you talking abo-“

The sound of the shot echoed through the vans back. A bullet from the pistol hit Monaco’s chest and he began bleeding out.

“I’m sorry, partner, but I can’t take any chances. The boss said that there could be a mole in this and I have a feeling…” he shot him another time, right before he could give him an answer.

Milan sat and watched how the guy with whom he went into vault get shot in cold blood. Kiev turned his head against Milan and now they stared at each other, shifting their looks at the dead body from time to time. Milan lit a cigarette and began talking.

“Boss said that he would rat as out at the closest possible chance,” he took a drag from a cigarette “we should get rid of the body as soon as possible.”

Kiev nodded and slammed with his fist against the van wall a couple of times. Mich understood what happened and began driving to closes remote location in the woods. The van stopped and all three of them got out, pulling the body with them. Monaco laid completely motionless in front of them. Mich went for a shovel and began digging, while others began stripping Malta naked. They grabbed every valuable thing off him and burned the rest stuff. They all stared at their accomplice lying in the hole.

“Guess this is what you can expect in the job like this – betrayal. Fucking snitches.” Kiev spat in the hole where he laid and grabbed the shovel. Milan gazed over the dead body and stated.

“We should get out of here as soon as possible.”

“Yeah, we should,” Mich added and went for the vans steering wheel.

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