Journey for Answers – Chapter 13 “Back on Road”

With all his breath screamed old man. He rushed to Matthew and Matthew waved his friends, that its good to go for the van, he’ll catch up. Old man extended his arm and handed Matthew a necklace, with a small Star of David.

“Let this guard you on your adventure. I sense that you’re going too far places and further the home, the bigger the sense of losing your way.”

Both nodded at each other, shook their hands and Matthew jumped into the van, to continue going further.

Now Mike was feeling fine and he begged for Matthew to give him chance to sit behind the wheel. Matthew refused, telling that he’s still drunk and his breath smells like yesterdays sorrow. Caroline and Matthew laughed at it and Mike sat in the back, completely insulted like a little baby. Hours and signs kept passing by and they were passing the capital now – Riga. Suddenly Mike’s head appears between the two of them.

“Man, man, man, listen. You have to stop in the next town, I have business there.” He shook the remaining cokes bag, which he had this all time.

“What a fuck man!? I told you to get rid of it.”

“Yeah, and I didn’t listen to it. Instead of arguing about it, you could drop me off the next town. I have a guy who will be glad to get his hands on it and I would have some cash for fuel, and all that. What you say?”

“Man don’t try to spin this the positive way. You told me you’ll get rid of it.”

“Yeah, and I’m doing it this way. So stop being such Mr.Right guy and drop me off next town.”


Matthew lowered his head and continued driving until the next town, which was known for smoking weed and doing drugs. The town was meant for people who liked to take off the edge, to live a fantasy life instead of reality. Mike knew few people there because he met them while he was on exchange during the winter. Telling Matthew about the guy who could do crazy stuff when he’s drunk.

“Like, Matthew imagine if we got so wasted, that we could end up in the middle of the lake, on mattress floating on water,” Mike went for minutes telling him about the guy and his friends, about the incredible stories of this gang “all I’m saying is…we have stop in next town.”

“Wait, Mike. You want to stop in that town, sell your coke and do what with the money?” Caroline began asking questions about his story.

“Yeah Mike, what’s the plan?” Matthew added to Caroline

“Come on guys, there are few things it will probably be spent. Like, booze, weed, food or gas – your choice.” No one said anything after it, after all, it was the obvious answer for the question.

After half an hour they drove into that town, which Mike described and let him off some huge parking lot. Public transport usually used it for picking up passengers, trucks stopped from time to time or busses who always arrived at 3PM to pick up kids from school. All that lot was under the surveillance and Caroline started to insist against it. Mike was gone already ten minutes, saying that he’ll be back after half-hour or so.

“Hey mate, maybe we found some other place to sit down and have private time, besides this camera which looks at as seems creepy. I don’t know if three of us doesn’t look like a bunch of people coming for drugs or some.” Caroline laid every fact there could be about what Mike is doing

“I think you’re paranoid.”

He laughed and steered from it to another parking, which overlooked the first place. Now they were a few more than a hundred meters from where Mike will be back after twenty minutes. Caroline’s hand began sliding over Matthew’s body. She knew what she wanted and was trying to intimidate Matthew by her hands. He wanted to welcome her with the same touching but didn’t know if this is what he wants. Matthew felt stuck between yes or no. Anyways she wouldn’t stop, she wanted something from him.

“Wow mate, you look intense. I can offer blowjob, of course, if you want it?” he turned to her with a surprised look in his eyes.

“Wait, really? Well, who am I to decline this offer.”

“Okay, just relax then.”

Her hand began sliding more and more towards his pants. He wasn’t his first spontaneous guys whom she offered stuff like this. One of her hand began opening buttons of his pants and the other was about to grab the first thing that appears behind the pants – like a snake grabbing its prey.

Matthew kept a holding straight look out of the window, checking the place where would Mike appear. With spikes of pleasure, he tried to remain calm and still, so don’t look suspicious for people who kept passing through the parking lot. It was a good thing that his van was higher than any other car and the only thing that could be seen was his head, with a slight part of the upper body. He could keep this straight for hours, but every next minute continued becoming more intense, like rollercoaster who keeps going up with some slight downside. Matthew kept going for longest he could, but after a while, he saw Mike running. He quickly padded on her head.

“Hey, hey, I think we’ll have to go…soon.”

Mike confused stopped, overlooking around the parking lot.

“Ohh, he’s back.”

Caroline swept her mouth and began looking at Mike, who was now storming for the van.

Matthew started the engine and was about to go. Mike opened doors and immediately began yelling.

“MAN, GO! The faster the better.”

“What? Mike, what the fuck?”

Matthew looked outside the window and saw a couple of people rushing to the previous parking lot. Slowly he began moving the van, to not look suspicious and Mike jumped in the back of it, lowering his head. He exited the lot and right after that, one of the dudes began pointing towards Matthews van. Matthew stepped on the pedal, he felt fear that the finger meant for them, but he didn’t care. Soon they remained seen only in the back window.

“What the hell Mike. What did you do this time?”

“Well, there is good and bad news?”

“Mike, what the fuck you did?”

“This is going to be interesting,” Caroline commented in between

“Okay, the good news is that I got us weed, for completely free. The bad news is that I still have a coke.” Mike smiled waving two zip bags.

“You’re unbelievable Mike, you know that?”

“Mate, your friend’s insane,” from Matthew she turned to head to Mike “from who you stole Mike?”

“Ahh, some middleman. It’s just ten grams, nothing that much.”

Matthew turned his head left and right, checking for upcoming cars and turned left. They’ve just exited the city and was going closer to the southern part of the country. Matthew still didn’t like the idea about Mike and his devious actions for getting fucked up, but there was nothing he could do. Talking something into Mikes’ head was impossible and Matthew just could drop him off there, his morale wouldn’t allow him that. Now it was just the matter of time when they come close to the border and Matthew began sweating about the idea that border control could stop them. Every idea of being stopped before leaving the country crossed his mind and he couldn’t shake the idea that his friend smuggling drugs with them. After a hundred kilometers Matthew said that Mike has to drop off the coke and Mike just couldn’t agree with that.

“Okay man, if there’s gonna be control. I’ll sniff this all in one try, but I must say. This can last me for two days ahead.”

“To be honest, the second one sounds like suicide, but I guess it’s your choice.”

Matthew turned his head to the road, put both hands on the wheel and continued driving. The idea of how it will go down already crossed his mind, he just didn’t know which it is. Mike sat away in the back, Caroline sat beside Matthew and somehow was zoned out when they spoke, she sat and simply smiled at them.

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