Parachute Jump

When the light struck through the living rooms widow, illuminating Slim Kev’s face who laid passed out on the couch. Slim Kev was the first one who passed out last night from their night in the bar. Last night at the bar when they all made an agreement for going skydiving this morning. When Slim Kev and Adre kept encouraging Tom to jump out of a plane for the first time. Their convincing went for hours and in the end, Toms will broke and he agreed. Now when Saturdays sun began shining on their faces, three friends began waking up one after the other with slight headaches from last night. First one was Adre, who walked out of his bedroom an went straight for sleeping Slim Kev in the couch. Slapping few times on Slim Kevs cheek with the palm of his hand and Slim Kev he opened his eyes with slight flickering.

“Morning sunshine” Andre greeted his sleeping friend “It’s almost time, get moving.”

Slim Kev nodded and stretched his arms while laid on the couch.

The plane was about to take off after two hours, but there was an hour drive until it. After slapping Slim Kev, Andre went for Tom, who slept in the further room of Andres apartment. Coming close to the door Andre started hearing a panting voice coming from the room, heavy, yet steady breathing. He opened door with gentl touch and door swinged open revealing Tom, who was in the middle of his workout. Sweat dripping from his body on the floor and hot air lingered in the air. Andre stood in the middle of the door, gazing over Toms moving body and after a brief moment tossed a hanging towel towards him.

“Come on playboy, it’s time to hit the shower. We’re leaving in half an hour.” 

Tom stood up, grabbing the tossed towel to clear his face from sweat.

“Sure chief,” he swept his face from sweat “Smil Kev’s up already.”

Tom gazed over Andre shoulder to see Slim Kev, struggling to get up from the couch with his hangover from last night.

All three of them gathered around the table. Andre began boiling coffee and pointed finger at each of them, asking if they want some of it. Slim Kev sat with his hands grabbing his head. Tom who sat at the far side of the table and mockingly grinned towards Slim Kev. Tom was glad he sweated out his hangover – he trick he picked up a few years ago from abroad student who spent week living with him. Andre began pouring them coffees and Slim Kev began speaking about the whole skydiving.

“Guys, I don’t think I’m feeling good about this. Do you think we can cancel it?”

“Slim. Are you really considering this?” Andre made a serious face “After all, you were the one who suggested it in the first place and you signed us up. Told you that we should consider it, but no, you had to spontaneously sign us up. Just because Tom here hasn’t done it.”

Slim Kev slid deeper into his chair and crossed his arms. Going through his thoughts, hardly because of the pain inheriting his head. He wanted to speak up for himself, but couldn’t figure out good enough reason for it.

Andre began spinning keys of his car on his index finger, pointing out that it’s time to go. Slim Kev stood up, painfully and with hands in his pockets slowly walked to the car, which was parked outside. Tom sipped the last remaining coffee from his cup, grabbed the phone and wallet, and quickly followed Slim Kev. While both went for the car Andre stayed back to check if everything is turned off and if it’s safe to leave the house.

On the way to the airstrip, Slim Kev began passing out beside the open window, while Tom and Andre who sat in front of the car discussed their plan to prank Slim Kev.

“We should draw something on his forehead while he sleeps.”

Tom suggested that they could draw a penis on his forehead with permanent marked, saying that would lift their pilots mood.

“You think?” Andre gave a quick glance to Tom “I think we should beer can with apple juice in it. God, how he hates apple juices.” Both laughed continuously and Slim Kev spoke from the back seat of a car.

“You know I can hear you from the back?”

“Yeah? What did we said then?”

Tom turned his head towards Slim Kev

“Something about dicks and apple juice.”

Slim Kev waved his hand and slid deeper into the sat for another power nap. Tom and Andre exchanged looks with tiny smiles on their faces. Andre grabbed the steering wheel with both hands, venturing towards the airstrip.

When they arrived at the strip, their eyes filled with surprise. The whole strip was empty and it wasn’t covered with asphalt. The dirt road in the middle of the field stretched for miles.

“Kev waked up!” Andre shook the sleeping beauty

“What? What is it?”

“Where’s the plane Smil?” Tom joined their conversation


Slim Kev pointed out through the window on old warplane.

“That? The plane looks like it can barely run. Are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, the ad points to this plane. I remember the black and red colors on the side of it, just like this one has.”

Tom with Andre looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders and putting trust in their friend they went for the plane. Coming up close they were met with planes pilot – McKenzie. The chearfull women’s appearance surprised them all, they couldn’t believe that hey will be piloted by woman, at least not by women in her twenties. Andre stuck out by asking her how old is she. She cheerfully answered that it’s the question she gets a lot and optimistically she told them – later on she answered all the question they asked. McKenzie extended her arm to collect the three hundred dollars from them. Tom was surprised how this can be so cheap, usually it was two or three hundred from a person, ‘explains why the plane is such a rundown’ he thought, and gave a suspicious stare at the plane, which they all began boarding.

McKenzie handed them parachutes and began giving them a pep talk before taking off.

“So, who’s doing this for the first time?” Tom raised his hand nervously. You sure you don’t need instructor for this?”

“I think he’s fine without one. I remember the first time when I skydived without one, nothing terrifying.” Slim Kev encouraged the lady and Tom.

“We’ll be at his side all the time, just in case he passes out.”

Andre added to Slim Kevs confidence

“Pass out?!”

With big eyes Tom looked at his friends.

“Don’t worry man, it happens rarely. Besides, you’re the most active lad in our group, I’m sure you won’t.” Andre continued encouraging him.

“Guys, you have to consider this,” McKenzie looked at Toms friends and then at him “and you have to get your mind straight about this.”

Tom stared at his friends, who were full of enthusiasm and nodded towards McKenzie. She nodded back and jumped in the cockpit.

Engines began reeving, rotor blades began spnning and plane started moving slowly across the runway. Three friends looked at the lady behind the planes controls; her hand movements across the multiple buttons and switches. They all looked with curiosity on her actions in the cockpit while strapping parachuteson their backs.

The plane took off the ground. The sound of wind could be heard in loud noise behind the metal planes hull. McKenzie turned her head towards them, screaming words from her throat.

“Ten minutes until the drop-off,” she paused for a moment “and you should have this, at least one of you.”

She tossed tiny earplug towards them. Andre catch it and looked up to her.

“It’s for me to be in touch with you, to know where you left the parachutes and all that.” She screamed through the loud sound of outside wind.

Shakingly, plane flew towards their drop-off. Thought the earplug Andre heard her voice saying that it’s time to jump. Slim Kev pulled side doors wide open and strong wind almost knocked him off his feet. Without a second thought, Slim Kev jumped out of it with all his body. Following up with Tom, who stepped beside the edge, overlooking the Slim Kev, who was now in the bottom of his feet. Andre came behind Tom.

“You can do it, just jump and forget about everything else.” Andre encouraged Tom

“Maan, I don’t know.”

Toms’ legs shook and he held by one side of the door.

Andre stood behind him, exhaled his breath and pushed Tom out of the plane, leaving him swirling in the air. Tom began panicking, rolling in the air and trying to understand how to balance him. Through his eyes, he could see Slim Kevs body, flashing by, while he twisted in the air. Like a bag dropped from the thousand feet high, Tom was falling close to the ground. With his last sight before passing out, he saw Andre coming closer to him and after that – black picture rolled over his eyes.

Andre seeing his friend swirling in the air, began flying closer to him – he knew that it could end badly. Coming in closer he saw Slim Kev few hundred feet below them, completely fine, overlooking them both from the bottom. From ten thousand feet they were closing into to five hundred. Fastly coming closer to the ground, Tom was still unconscious. Andre was hands reach from Tom when a voice in his ear began talking.

“Andre, right? Listen, I have a vague feeling that your or your friends, Tom’s, parachute is broken. I could be wrong, but you should bear that in mind and strap yourself together, somehow.”

Andre became more worried and angry towards their pilot, but there was no time for anger, he had to save his friend or himself. At three thousand feet remaining to the ground, he managed to catch Toms hand and balance him in the air. Right after balancing he shaked Tom vigorously – Tom gain conscious. Panick that was before now was inficting Andre and Toms life.

“Snap out of it dude.”

He slapped his friend and began coming closer to strap them both together. Tom tried to understand what is going on, why Andre’s doing what he’s doing.

“What are you doing? How high we are?”

Andre kept ignoring him despite the question, he had one thing on his mind – survive the fall. They were closing into a thousand feet distance from the ground. Andre was about to seal the knot from his belt, grabbing his friends with a vigorous hug and encouraging Tom to do the same. Two hugged friends were passed a thousand feet and Andree pulled his parachute. It opened and flew away from them ‘guess that was the broken one’ he thought.  Almost at the five hundred feet they saw Slim Kev hovering with his parachute at the same altitude they were. With miraculous pull Tom managed to open his parachute, shaking both of them and Andre almost falling off him. They looked into each other eyes and hugged closer. Andre was thankful for being alive, after all, he was the one who pushed Tom out of the plane.

All three of them landed safely on the ground. Slim Kev ran straight to them, demanding explanation. Andre explained what happened from the moment he pushed Tom out of the planed and about the parachute. Slim Kev got angry towards their pilot, tried to comunicate through the earplug, but nothing. She was gone and all was left of her was anger for them to hang on.

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