Journey for Answers – Chapter 15 “Search”

Matthew feet slowly lifted from the gas pedal, gearbox shifted into neutral gear and van began slowing down. He began overthinking about their situation, playing every scenario in his mind. Sweat began appearing on his skin, dripping slowly from the top of his forehead. Mike jumped to the back of the van and quickly began making sure the drugs are hidden from guards view. Every one of them was on edge, awaiting what will happen next; everyone, except Caroline. She sat beside Matthew with her hands crossed, not a single thought about worrying crossed her mind. From distance Matthew watched how border guard slowly approached his van, grinning funny. Air in the van felt heavy, full of stress and anxiety about what’s going to happen. Matthew wanted to get out of there, as quickly as possible. Digging through the glovebox for his ID and gathering everyone else papers. Knock on the door of the van snapped Matthew out of wherever he was.

“ID and driver’s license.” Guard voice was thorough, serious without a doubt

“Here you go.”

Matthew passed out everyone’s ID and all the papers for the van.

Border guard looked at them suspiciously, muttered under his nose in an unknown language and began going through their documents. Giving a small glance over them, his mouth began moving.

We have to check in a database to confirm, shouldn’t take long.” He smiled and went to his car.

Going towards his car he took a peek through the vans front window, looking through it into the back of it and locking eyes with Mike for a brief moment. Suspicious look gave Mike weird shivers over his body, his ears began focusing on the outside, rather than inside chatter. Mike sat on far back matres with his hands interlocked together. Thinking about what will happen next.

Minutes already passed and both guards still sat in their car, pushing the names through the system and glancing over them from time to time. Matthew and Mike nervously looked through the window as guard heads raised a few moments. No one spoke a word while they sat there, compete silence covered the van. Finally, Caroline had enough of silence and she turned car stereos volume higher. Music started coming from speakers, covering a small portion of silence in the van. Smile raised on their faces from music that was bumping now from a stereo, releasing tiny part of their worries and after a brief moment, they began talking.

“What you think they are doing there?” Mike with shaking leg nervously raised a question

“Mate, you have to chill out, really. They are probably checking our faces and laughing at our pictures in documents.” Caroline optimistically smiled at him

“If you say so lady,” Mike grabbed a cigarette pack “I’m going for a smoke, your coming?”


Both jumped out of the van, leaving the side door open. Overlooking the border patrols car Mike lid up the cigarette and right after it one of the guards stepped out of their car. Nervously he looked at him, wondering what will happen now and took another drag from a cigarette. Caroline sat on the vans opening, smoking a cigarette, giving complete ignorance about the ongoing situation. Guards and Mikes look locked together again and he remained to watch him coming closer. Awaiting the questions he took another drag from a cigarette, trying to calm his nerves and give the guard a calm attitude. Shuffling through their ID’s he came at them and with no word handed them over to Mike.

“For a formal question, is there any drugs in the van?” the guard asked nervous Mike

“Nope, shouldn’t be.”

“Okay, then explain to me this. Why does it sell like weed?”

Mike’s legs trembled, he could feel sweat raising on his body. Guard patrols car doors opened and the second guard stepped out of it. Matthew hearing this from side opening exhaled his breath and stepped out of the van to join their conversation. The second guard joined them and all five of them began discussing. Caroline remained seated on the side opening, while guards and both guys talked with each other. She could hear Mike stressful voice – it wasn’t the same douchebags voice anymore. None of them expected this, except Matthew, he had a feeling something like this could happen, but he didn’t do anything about it. The conversation was going for a minute, almost reaching the second minute, when one of the guards said the thing that they all were afraid to hear.

“You guys look like a bunch of hippies going to road trip and your van smells like weed. Protocol asks that we search the van.” His voice was serious and peaceful at the same time.

“You demand a search based only on smell? I don’t think the law works this way.” Matthew began arguing.

“Listen, kid. It’s either we search the van now or we go on a trip to a police station.”

“Sure, do what you have to do.”

Matthew gestured towards his van and sat at the side opening right beside Caroline, letting one of the guards in, while other searched the outside of it.

All three of them tried to remain calm during the search. Mike lid the second cigarette, telling that he can’t just stand there doing nothing – have to keep the body busy. Guard in a van was going over every angle, every corner, throwing over every item that was in his way. Matthew couldn’t stand how he throws everything that didn’t please him around the van.

“Hey, hey! Is that really necessary to throw our stuff around? I get that you looking for drugs because we appear suspicious, but gentlemen, please.”

Guard looked at him with a serious face and jumped out of a van, cleaning his hands from cobwebs he got on his hands while searching for a reason to bust them. It took seconds while other joined him, nodding his head left and right. Mike and Matthew knew that they haven’t found anything, otherwise their tone would change drastically. Despite their search turning out in a waste of time, they weren’t finished with them, few questions still remained. Border patrol wasn’t eager to let them go, they’ve needed a reason to get them to the station because of one thing – a smell of weed from the van. Poking around the van was unsuccessful, now was time to search them. Matthew went first because he had nothing to hide. Guard hands vigorously searched through his pockets and slid all over him, checking every place where it could be hidden, but in the end, left him unsatisfied. Following up was Caroline, but she turned out the same way as Matthew – nothing. Finally, they turned to Mike. The trembling nervous guy stood with hands in his pockets before them. Guards searching through him and came up with nothing, except the coke bag which he hid into his sock. Matthew catching this sight lightly facepalmed.

“Wow, wow, wow. What we have here?” Guard shook the baggie in front of his eyes.

“Seems your coming with us.” The second guards added.

Matthew looked at the Mike, who was shaking from fact that he’s not getting out of this situation. If this would happen in their country he would somehow, but they were already one country away from that. Both guards looked at Matthew and Caroline, completely forgetting about the weed smell.

“You two are free to go. Your friend, on the other hand, he’s coming with us.”

Guard gestured for Mike to their car and began walking. Matthew looked at his best friend, hugged him and looked how he walked to their car.

<<Previously          Afterwards>>

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