Gas Station

I never thought that I’ll choose this, this life to stay here. It’s because this place is different than others if you’d seen the people coming here. Some of them don’t stop for a long time, they just do their business and go wherever they needed. You know who I mean – people. But there are some who stay for longer times, especially the truck drivers. Truck drivers usually stay here for the night or day. For them, it doesn’t matter when they have to go, night or day, they will go at any time. There is one truck driver who reminds me of you Stephan. The white beard which covers his whole face. I know, I know, you don’t have it white, but it’s the same length. It’s not the looks that remind me of you, it’s his attitude, the crazy faces he makes when he tells a story. I know you like to make them when you told me a story of your travels, the times when you got picked up by some weirdos, misfits and simple wanderers. The truck driver always tells me stories about hitchhikers whose he picked up in his years; he tells stories about people like us Stephan. Few days ago I became a part of his collection of stories, because of him I’m at this gas station. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t meet her. She and I met here randomly, as two travelers who decided to stay here – nearby this gas station.

“Hey sunshine, ready to continue to the road?” she asked me this morning, right after I woke up

“Sure. What’s the time and when we’re leaving?” I didn’t open my eyes and she already kissed me. You would like this brother, I know you would.

“Whenever we decide, sunshine. But you know: “early bird gets the worm” so I would like to go somewhere at early in the morning.”

Despite this place being the best gas station so far, I agreed, we spent three days already here. In this place where you can meet people of all sorts, from vagabonds, misfits, outcasts, to high-class citizens, families – the list goes on. On the first day I came here, there was a party going on at the back of the gas station. Of course, it was happening at the night, and it was super strange to hitchhike at night. After trying at night I realized the story you told about trying stuff like that at night – creepy. For you it probably felt easier than me because apparently if you’re a girl, then everyone creep will stop by, asking for ‘favors’. Anyways, this party. So, I get there at night and I see some old-school van rolled behind it, just like yours. And you know what’s the first thing that comes in mind? I think that I finally found you, that you’re finally there, at eyes reach. God, I was so happy, and I dashed towards it. I know now that you weren’t there, but she was – the van was hers.

“Hey, names Janna.” I extended my arm for her and made a silly smile, you know the one when I tilt my head to the right side, that one.

“Oh hey, sunshine. God, that backpack seems heavy, need help with that?” she didn’t know me and offered help, with the first eye stare at me.

“Thanks, what your name?” I asked her.


She smiled and we talked about how I ended up here, in this gas station. About how I got lucky that I got here when a party is going on; how lucky she is that I got to this party. I blushed after that. She was nice to me, and after I told her that I’m looking for you, she offered me help and told me that its a noble thing I’m doing. That was it all it took. When we sat on the rooftop of her van and looked down at the crowd which was full of different people, but all having one thing common – freedom. They all were there with cars, vans or on foot, camping in their tents. They were the same people as we are. The people that want to be free and emerge in the world. They remind me of you, brother, and I hope you haven’t gone far enough to not reach you – I hope. But you know what happened when I looked up, then I knew that I’m gonna find you no matter where you are. I miss you so much, brother.

We sat like that for an hour, people were already shouting for us to come down and join them. We didn’t wanted that, at least I didn’t and I think she too. It happened when I saw the shooting star in the sky, and you can guess what I wish for.

“Did you made a wish?” she asked me


I turned my eyes towards her and smiled. We looked at each other like that for a few seconds and I felt her hand on mine. It was gentle enough to forget about it in the first place, and then she leaned forward. I stayed where I was because I never did anything like this. I never imagined kissing a girl, but in the end, it didn’t feel weird or strange. It was different, but I liked it. We kissed until we heard the crowd howling her name and whistling, and after that, we stopped. Our foreheads touched each other and we smiled, smiled enough for all the world.

Come on lovebirds, come on down, Harry is starting to play guitar.” The guy whose name I never go to pronounce properly shouted for us.

“On my way darling,” she jumped down and extended her arm towards me “you’re coming?”

When we looked at each other, we couldn’t stop smiling. Right after I joined her, Harry began playing a lovely song. I have no idea what was the name of it, but you would like it, I know you would. It happens at those rare moments when you sit in the circle of free souls. The magic that you can feel when you’re with people like them. Now I understand why you went traveling without looking back, without second consideration. I hope you’re having an awesome time. What am I thinking; of course you are, but I hope you’re safe.

I always thought that I’m gonna be on the move, always keep moving forward to you. To find you and hug you, ask you have you been and hug you again. Now I have her, who help me appreciate things on the way to you. Together we will find you, brother, I know we will. She knows very well that you’re somewhere I don’t even know. Perhaps its good to not know, otherwise, I could get me more worried.

“You’re ready Janna?” she turned her head to me, to sleepy me who just open her eye.

“Yes, yes I am.” I tried to sound super confident, and we laughed about it

“Sure sunshine,” she smiled and leaned on me again. We kissed and then she slapped me gently on the butt “It’s time to get breakfast, get dressed.” She raised up, I groaned like a tiny bear in the bed.

Stepped out of the van and met the same people I met a few days ago. Some of them left already, some stayed and that is how I made friends here. Now I know why you always told me to go travel and that it doesn’t matter how I do it. Your advice led me to her, and in the end, it will leave me to you brother, I know it will. We’re pulling out after few hours, few hours and I’m on my way to you. But for now, I’ll enjoy this cheese sandwich in the morning. Can’t believe I’m eating such a thing in the morning, but the guy in this gas station make them taste like heaven. Gas stations right; who know that they can turn my world completely and I have a feeling it did the same thing for you too. She and I will keep moving from town to town now until I get your ass. Heh.

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