“Can I have a coffee?” she asked the policeman, but he ignored her.

“State your name for the record” policeman spoke in a thorough voice

“Stacy. Stacy Kruger.”

“Okay Stacy, start from the beginning” he clicked the end of the pen and opened his notebook. Stacy exhaled her breath and slowly inhaled it back. Her hands stopped sweating and she tried to calm herself. In the cold dark interrogation room she felt surprisingly comfortable, and after reaching the point of self-confidence her lips began moving.

“It all started when I, we, left that gas station with his pickup. God, what was I thinking?

For first I thought it’s getting better. I just escaped the beating and met new faces, life started to look brighter. They even had this little guitar looking thingy – ukulele they called it. We skipped a lot of miles on the road because of them playing it. It felt like a universe fast forwarded, like time would lose its meaning. Two kind strangers who were chasing some guy, who apparently stole their car.

I don’t remember the dude’s name… I think he never told me. But hers, hers I remember. I think It was like something with like-” She muttered under her nose, trying to pick the name. “Vanda, Vanda, yes. I remember how he called for her… in the end… oh God.

I’m getting sidetracked.

After we picked them up at that gas station we went to the east without a stop. Passing by the two hundred mile stop, the mile counter would stop. George started hitting with his fist and it would work for some decent time but would stop again and you can imagine what’s next. No one cared about it, except me. I think it started there.

Once we were getting closer to the east, both strangers, well, Vanda and stranger. Thing is, none of us cared about their names. Somehow we all were chasing something and we were chosen to fulfill theirs. At least I thought so. They began growing more anxious, poking their phones and all that. Both were yelping about the GPS on one phone that had left in their car. No, no, no, it was a van, yeah it was the van they were chasing. Determined to find what’s there we were going towards Southeast. Sorry, what is this town?”


“Ya, it could be the one.” she tilted her head backward, starring in the ceiling “So, a little bit more to the south of here because I can remember passing through the town. Before we found them riding a van before. We knew it was the guy because both of them were pointing their phones into our faces. It was getting dark and light from their phones strongly shinned in my eyes. Bright enough to start feeling of becoming blind, but not quite. Of course, George began following them. At one point they turned from the highway. In some village? It couldn’t be a city, it was too small to be called a city. We kept following because that was the reason we were there. Turn after turn George tried to follow up two things: keep the distance and don’t lose them. “ from ceiling she turned to a policeman, keeping straight look between them.

“And after that, was?”.

“It’s plain and simple. We did what any other decent human being would do, well, if they would follow them – like we did. Our car stopped a few meters after their stolen van, which turned to what appeared was a lake or a river, I don’t give a rats ass, truly. Guess dude decided to settle for the night and shit. I remember Vanda saying that we should wait a bit and that they can handle it together. George disagreed with that idea.” She put her hands on the table, still handcuffed to it she hit her fists against the table “ Those dudes told me that I should wait there, in the car. Kept blabbing that I should stay in the car in case someone suspicious drives by or always say ‘hi’ to strangers – you guys.” She giggled

“Lady, I wouldn’t start laughing.” The policeman made a straight face, but she could see his joking.

“Okay ‘Mr. Serious’” she straightened her back “Once they went to check it out, I began checking out myself. After running from a terrible relationship I missed only one thing. Sex. God. Once they left I couldn’t help but slide my hand between my legs.” She began making policeman uncomfortable.

“Back to the group that went for the van. What happens next?” his face turned redder, and look on his face meant ‘don’t fuck with me’ he flipped a page in a notebook, clicked his pen two times in a row and gestured her with another hand – to continue.

“Ahhh, you’re such a boring one. Later I couldn’t wait for them to come back. It was going for suspiciously long enough to raise awareness in me. At one point I thought I’m overthinking it, or it’s some paranoia crap. Anyways I went outside, but to take a quick piss. We are humans, after all, it’s our nature. It got dark from ‘I see something’ to ‘I can’t see shit’ – in the car it wasn’t so noticeable.

Did you ever think that when you just about to relax for a few seconds, something has to disturb it? You starting to guess, right? I squat down to have a piss, between two trees, and then I hear him. He screamed her name… Vanda. Then there were voices echoing in the far distance. I couldn’t make out who was speaking, nor even who was the one who screamed, but I saw him. George.

Halfway done I stood up. There was still something wet and it bothered me, but not as much as George. I couldn’t understand the wrench he was holding. I was trying to understand two things: why he got it and why it’s bloody? Once I saw the blood I stared in his face and when our looks locked together, he changes his path and was coming closer. I panicked. Honestly, I panicked.” She heavily exhaled stored breath.

“Shit, shit, shit. That was what went through my head once I started running towards unknown. Cold surrounded me from all sides. The unmeasurable urge for a safe warm place filled my legs with adrenaline. I didn’t know that a simple idea can turn me in autopilot. I mean, my legs went without a stop. Darkness and branches on the way were the only things I had to worry about. I even got this.” She showed the policemen light scar on her neck, but he didn’t seem impressed about it. Still, he continued to listen.

“I thought of giving up. I thought he was behind me, and some part of me began to ignore it. Just let go and leave faith to decide what will happen next. Problem is, I never liked to quit. Part of me kept pushing forward, but I knew it will end. I had to use the moment when part of me still wants to keep moving and get someone to the bottom of this. When I came up to this building, I had no idea that its a police station, it was just the first building I saw in the past hour. Yet you still decide to cuff me to this goddamn table. What kind of hospitality is this?” she grunted and went quiet for a while. The policeman stared at her, taking notes. Both of them were now using the silence to deal with their minds. After him flipping the notebook she started talking.

“Now you know how I ended up here officer” she smiled and laid back into the chair “So, where’s my coffee?”

He tossed the key towards her direction and asked: “Black or white?”

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