It took me a few seconds to stare outside the window in the kitchen. To see that I woke up early. Before I would think that only crazies wake up at 6:30 in the morning, but now there is this question in my mind. Does it make me a crazy person or someone who values time?

Because the thing is with waking up early, is that I have more time during the day. All the things can be done until the lunch, and the whole day after it is free. None the less, it gives me the motivation to do something productive because there are no distractions. No people messaging me and no gardeners who would cut grass this early. They usually start a few hours later. The whole thing gives me something to think about.

Now when I turn my head back to the window just to see the streets filled with cars and no people. Feels like everyone went for a sleep and are about to wake up when I’ll be long gone. I should drop this observation and return to my plate with pancakes. It is a lovely Sunday morning after all.

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