Journey for Answers – Chapter 23 “Rising Hope”

“Matthew! Matthew!” he could feel the trembling, the shaking of his body. “Matty wake up, we have to go, now. It’s getting dark and I don’t like the place she parked us. Better yet, where is she?” Caroline’s voice was full of worry. “Yeah man, It’s super weird how she disappeared in that gas station. It is twenty minutes already.” Matthew finished flickering his eyes. … Continue reading Journey for Answers – Chapter 23 “Rising Hope”

BT 6360

“Guys, remember when we said we’d never drink booze and then when we started, after that we told that we’d never smoke weed? Shit, look at us now.”I took a drag and passed it on to my cousin, who enjoyed speculating about the truth. “Shit man, you can’t stop mentioning stuff like this, don’t you?” All three of us started laughing and couldn’t stop until … Continue reading BT 6360