Journey for Answers – Chapter 28 “Kind Spirits”

Fast as could before the sunset they rolled through the long road of a highway. Driving alongside with the right line and watching how all the other cars keep passing by. For a long time, Matthew didn’t feel the need for other such support, until now. When two kind souls desired to help him. The same two souls who were looking for something they didn’t know where to find, and in the way, it was what connected them together. The sense of something missing was the spark started their journeys. Matthew kept an open mind about the whole situation. He didn’t know what to think out of all this, neither Caroline or Mike knew. Both of them laid in the back of a van, close to passing out. In brief moments they spoke a few words in between them. Matthew didn’t care about the two of them. Focused on the road ahead to the gas station, which he was waiting from a moment they drove on the highway. Matthew believed that this was faith, or a dumb luck in another scenario. Convinced that this was another work of faith he settled his mind at ease. Lying deeper into the seat of his van and with one hand remaining on the wheel, he trustworthy let them drive him to the gas station.

Matthews eyelids kept dropping over his eyes and feel of being tired began overcoming him. His body was a moment away from passing out. He constantly kept closing his eyes automatically. The road was dark and the only light he could see was taillights from the van in front of him. Small dark shadowy glimpses started to appear on the side of the road every time he flickered his eyes. A small portion of hallucinations kept appearing as his eyes closed and opened. He tried to not think about this, and part of him didn’t care about it either. In a brief moment sound of Caroline’s voice snapped him out of there. She leaned forward and turned up the volume on the stereo.

“Here. This should help a bit.”

She winked at him and disappeared in the back of a van. Matthew didn’t know what to think of it. He made a quick look into the back mirror and saw them both lying in the mattress, almost passed out. For a moment he felt lonely, and a small portion of depression stung his soul. Sadness took over half of the happiness, which mingled in him from the last joint he smoked with Mike. Feeling slightly down and not acknowledging what’s happening in front of him; he started to imagine what will come after he’ll get fuel for a van. For a while, he thought deeply, venturing from one corner of his mind to another, until he saw the lights in the far distance. Matthews mind drew a picture of a town in his head, convincing him that it’s a town in a far distance. Once he got driven closer to the light, the picture of a town collapsed and purpose-filled his soul once again. They finally arrived at the gas station. The night was getting darker and time was closing to the midnight.

Girls stopped in the parking lot where no other car desired for parking and got out of their van. Matthew looked around the gas station. It was dark and empty. There was no shop for a snack or anything. Four pumps under surveillance were the only thing besides the parking lot for tourists such as they were. A few cars were present in the parking lot, probably taking a nap or abandoned until the morning. Matthew didn’t care much about what’s happening in this place or what is it, he had one thought on his mind and that was it. He gave a quick glance over the back. Caroline and Mike were long into their dreams. Matthew smiled and got out of a van, to thank both lovely girls for a lift.

The connection between both cars was almost broken in half, it couldn’t be used for another time. Out of the ordinary he smiled at the sight of broken homemade variation of a rope. While he was working on disconnecting both cars, Janna’s voice came from behind.

“It must be lonely traveling alone.” She said in a quiet voice

“Who said I’m traveling alone? I have two friends with me, they’re just passed out in the back of a van.”

He chuckled and continued working on disconnecting the rope. The rope got tighter from the all pulling and it seemed like it will take some time trying to untangle it.

“What’s the destination by the way?” Janna couldn’t stand in silence near him

“For now, Amsterdam.”

“I heard it’s a nice city, shame we’re not going in that direction. Could be fun going there with another group of travelers.” She smiled with a lovely smile.

“Could be.”

Matthew shrugged, jumped up and went after the knife, which was somewhere in the back of his van. Janna left standing between both vans. She watched how Matthew stormed after the knife, and later her eyes shifted from him to Hanna, who was now getting out of their van. Hanna held a cigarette in her right hand and beer bottle in the other.

“Are you drinking again?” Janna asked her

“It’s just one beer honey, you know me.”

She puffed her cigarette and opened the beer bottle with the back of her lighter. The bottle cap from it flew in the air as she popped it open, landing into the hand of Matthew who just got back from the search. When his eyes met Hanna he nodded and kneeled down to the previous thing he was working on.

“How long you’ve been on the road?” Hanna asked and took a drag from smoke

“For a week or so,” Matthew moved the knife back and forward, trying to cut the rope in half while talking to her “Why you ask?”

“Just out of curiosity.”

“It’s never just the curiosity. It’s always more.”

“It’s true, but not like I’m saying the rest of it to you.”

Hanna smiled at him. Matthew turned around after hearing such a sentence. The two girls were standing right beside each other and kept looking down on Matthew. Hanna raised her bottle and smiled.

“You’re one interesting couple. You are a couple, right?” Matthew asked, turning back to work.

“I don’t know,” Janna turned her head to Hanna “Are we?”

“I think it goes without a saying that we are.” She kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“How do you met each other? If it’s okay to ask.” Matthew asked them, trying to get a slight understanding about his saviors.

“Well, it’s a funny story, and we can share some words after we’re done the thing you’re doing from the moment we arrived.”

Matthew nodded and continued cutting the rope. Both girls made a small walk around the parking lot, in the hope of finding some quiet place. One of them desired for a toilet a long time ago and knew that opportunity like this won’t be often. Once they found a quiet place, they heard Matthew shouting that he’s done with the rope. Both of the girls turned her looks in this direction and waved, he waved back. After disconnection both vans, Matthew began pushing his closer to the fuel pump. Not much fuel could be bought because he was going short on cash and he had to save some, at least he thought that he has the need for it. The light from two lamps which hang above the pumps illuminated the inside of his van. Matthew gave a quick glance over the back of it and couldn’t see Caroline or Mike for a second. He rubbed his eyes and flickered them until he saw them – the two birds under one sheet. Matthew didn’t want to use fuel, so he decided to push his van back to the parking lot. Janna got back, and Hanna followed her up from behind.

“You want to hear a story?” Janna enthusiastically asked Matthew.

“Depends. Is it interesting as you made me think of it?”

He smiled and enjoyed the chuckle of Hanna, who just joined their conversation. Both girls started telling the tale of how they met each other and what’s their purpose on the road. Matthew felt empathy for Janna, he could see the resemblance between. He was speechless after hearing their story and felt the urge to share his. All three of them were now sitting in the Hannas van, sharing stories and drinking few beers. Hanna had a hidden talent of collecting beers from the stops they made on the way. It was like her little habit which she turned into a hobby. After a while of talking, Janna started yawning and her voice quieted slowly.

“I think we’re gonna go for a sleep.”

Janna turned away from them and started moving in the direction to their bed.

“Ya, I think I’ll do the same.” Matthew got up outside of their van.

“Wait,” Hanan stopped him “perhaps you want to sleep together?”

She looked at him with a gentle grin on her face. Janna stepped closer to them with surprise. She looked to Hanna with confusion, trying to understand why she’s saying such things.

“Hanna, you sure you want to do this? I mean, not like I’m against it and all tha-“

“Come on, should be lovely. What do you say, Matthew?”

Her head turned to Matthew, who stood completely confused. Without a speaking another word he joined them, he felt like there was no need for words. Matthew dived into gentle hugs of two wild and lovely spirits and fell asleep in instance after feeling the touch of their skin.

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