Journey for Answers – Chapter 33 “Last Thoughts”

It was starting to settling down. Sun was about to crash into the horizon on furlong seeing road, in a far distance. Joint was long gone, but both – Matthew and Mike kept staring at amaze of sun settling down. The orange-red ball falling behind the horizon and disappearing for the night. Caroline was long gone from their presence, leaving them, both for they own company. Finally, Mike and Matthew was a duo, just like before this trip.

“I think we should start moving, suns settling down.” Mike encouraged Matthew

“Are you for real mate?” Caroline appeared from nowhere “you both just got high as a kite and you saying Matthew should drive forward?”

Mike sarcastically “Yes.”

“Unbelievable. Matthew, don’t say that you’re considering this? Actually, nevermind. Just don’t ask for me next time when you need an honest opinion. Ciao.”

She went back into the van, to lay back and listen to the whistling bird noises in the air. She could hear both of them chattering with bird and wind chanting in the background. The warm wind breeze kept blowing inside the van, bringing sweet tickle at the end of her feet. Caroline laid back, with a decision to say something when they actually gonna start moving. When they would jump in a van, then she would raise up and speak her mind, but until then. Until then she decided to take a soft nap.

“I start to think that I could crash here for the night,” Matthew said, while kept staring into the sky “Mike, what do you think about this?” he raised a finger into the sky without looking away for a second.

“I think its everything, and you can get lost in that everything if keep looking longer than a minute.”

“Yeah. Is it a bad thing?”

“Well, we could keep moving, right? There are Amsterdam and Ruth waiting, perhaps she knows something after all.”

“Okay after five minutes, perhaps slightly more than five minutes. Ten I should say.”

Matthews thoughts span info infinite twist of random emotions. His mind was floating in the air of its own, and Matthew thought that his up there somewhere – somewhere in the sky, floating through the infinity. He didn’t expect that it could be hypnotizing as it was. Matthew was sitting on the vans side door and with the back against the closest vertical wall, thinking about the present. Present, in which they were sitting as before this trip, in that quarry. Matthew kept thinking about this whole trip, from the beginning to this point. Two friends who have met another companion and set off to search for something one of them needed. When joining up with Matthew just because it could be a nice adventure when in the end realizing, that they are with him all along. That, or he was floating high. Completely forgetting everything that struck his head, after each consecutive second; Matthews mind was spitting out the ideas, which could only be grasped at the second before they disappear. While he glanced in the sky and the moon shining from the right side, he heard something. The sound of revving engine approaching and illuminating light coming from the back of a van. Matthew started to get nervous because in his head he imagines the car stopping and asking questions. He didn’t want to have any conversation. Confidently he got to the front the check his headlights – creating a sight that he’s fixing the car. When he got to his vans headlights, crunching down to it and watched, how car passes him by. Matthew got slightly panicked and decided to get out of there, to try and find a way through the border which would include less law enforcement.

After a few minutes tinkering through the map he finally found a way to the Netherlands, which didn’t involve steering onto the highway. Except, by the looks of it, it wasn’t as pleasant as a highway. For Matthew, it hardly mattered what kind of road he took. Caroline appeared from behind him, telling him that this is a terrible idea.

“No worries Matthew, here. I have these eyedrops. When you drop it on your eyes, all your red, mars looking eyes will turn in to the white cloud of sobriety. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is how wide you keep your eyes.” Mike passed him a small bottle of eyedrop liquid.

Matthew took it like he knew what it is. Caroline watched it and couldn’t believe that Matthew is starting a car. Loud engine revving filled up the night. Coraline jumped to close the side door while they were slowly moving. Never did she thought that Matthew would drive stoned. Mike sitting by his side never was a good idea, but perhaps it was the motivation Matthew needed all along. Sure he wasn’t the best advice, but he could find a reason for motivation anytime.

As soon as Matthew started driving and dropped the gum into his mouth, he could feel something is about to happen. The small tingling sensation was happening in his lungs, like the feel of worry for something, or someone. The first thing that came to his mind was Ruth. Thinking that she might be in trouble, even if they weren’t talking with each other, he could feel her from time to time. Since spending a lot of time together as childer left an impact on them both – a connection which would last a lifetime. Matthew started to feel determined when he drove with that thought on his mind. Thinking about Ruth and finally catching up with the whole story of hers. On Matthews mind wasn’t any other thought, just Ruth.

The night was getting darker and darker. From driving just with headlights on, he switched every light that he had, in order to illuminate the whole road ahead. It wasn’t much, but he could see more in front of him. Fog light showed everything that was in front of him up close while a high beam of white light was reaching in the distance. He felt confident, which felt weird for him. Matthew had some paranoia in his head. He was feeling odd and constantly kept checking mirrors, jumping with eyes from one mirror to another, back and forward. There was nothing particular to be seen except black, empty road behind him. When suddenly it started becoming lighter, second after second, which brought Matthews attention to the back mirror. He awaited the headlights of another car raising from the horizon behind him. Lights came faster than he thought they would and after a few seconds, his paranoia came to life. On top of the beaming light, he saw red and blue light igniting above the car. At that moment Matthew knew, he’ll have to pull over.

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