Big Bad Legend

“State your name for the record” Policeman asked

“Rose. Rose Valentine”

“Okay, Rose. Start at the beginning.”


The night was coming to the end and none of us wanted to leave the campfire – especially when Kevin continued playing sweet guitar songs. No one really knew the lyrics but tried to sing along anyway. It was funny and majestic at the same time. I never imagined that spending Friday night in the forest among the lake could be such bliss. Some of us went skinny dipping, but not me. I was shy to go into the lake completely naked, I felt like something is watching us. I’m sure there wasn’t anyone, but some weird chills kept shivering over my body. It was all because of John, who kept telling those creepy stories about the wolfs in the forest and some creepy legend about the big wolf. The big bad wolf, who apparently was a human once – some long time ago as he described it. There we were, five of us sitting by the campfire. Cassidy and her boyfriend Mich was cuddling together all night, which made me slightly envious about them. Guess I wanted to have a relationship with some of the guys, but neither John or Kevin appealed to me. We all were best friends and coming together with one of them just didn’t cross my mind.

When they came back from skinny dipping, I and Josh welcomed them with freshly baked dinner – if you can call a meal in the middle of the night dinner. For me, it felt like dinner, all because it was such a rush to get to the forest and I skipped the lunch. Mich was the most athletic from all of us and he had no shy of showing it off. He never bothered taking a towel in the middle of the night to cover his manly parts. Cassidy didn’t mind that at all. Sometimes she encouraged him into that.

“Guys fire is burning out, you think we should get some wood in the forest,” John said while kept poking the campfire with the tiny stick.

Mich looked at him funny and said “Just grab the lantern and go. There’s probably something in the woods that might eat you, so beware of the wolfs.” He giggled, but none of us found it funny except Cassidy.  I felt like she was forcing that laugh out of her.

“Jackass.” John grabbed the lantern and disappeared into the pitch black darkness.

Once he was gone after the wood, we all started to sing along Kevin’s guitar. I squeezed closer to him and watched how our city couple does the same thing. After a few minutes, Cassidy and Mich started kissing, which felt challenging at the beginning. It was like they’re trying to intimidate me, and Kevin of course. Luckily neither of us cared about it. I and Kevin just laugh at it and continued singing to randomly created rhythm. Then, something weird happened. Some sound from the deep of the forest. It sounded like some animal is getting violated. The screams from the pitch black darkness stood us all up and we started looking into the wood, were John disappeared after the wood.

“You think it was the wolves?” Cassidy said in trembling voice.

“Don’t be silly. It’s probably John messing with us.” Mich was trying to act like a Mr. Hero, but I saw that he was scared as much as we were.

“Come, we have to see if John is somewhere out there, grab a stick with fire and let’s go look for him.” Finally, someone did the thing we had to do in the beginning. Kevin was the only one who had a common sense of what’s should be done.

Cassidy didn’t want to leave the campfire and Mich stayed with her. I can’t judge them, I would do the same thing, but I couldn’t. I knew John from the first grade and leaving him disappearing into the woods wasn’t the way our friendship’s gonna end. At least they had the stars to gaze upon once we went looking for John. This night was majestic, besides the fact that we were now deep into the forest with just a brach lid on fire as our only source of light. We had a few bars in our phones, but the light from that can hardly count as light.

Few minutes of walking and we heard the animal screaming again, but this time it came from behind. I was getting scared and I grabbed Kevin’s arm. He looked at me and said.

“I think it’s the wolves. We have to get John, and get out of here.”

“You know how to ease the scarred girl,” I said

“I never was one of those guys and you know that better than anyone else.” He paused for a brief moment “Come on, we have to go.”

I had no idea what to say to that. Kevin was leading the way, just like in those movies where the hero leads the way. Few steps forward and then it happened, the quite ‘pssst’ came from the bushes near us. I jumped from the fear, thinking what it could be. Kevin raised his stick towards the bush, and then we saw him.

“Come on guys, really?” John said.

“Dude, don’t jump on us like that next time,” I said

“Okay, okay. Listen, we have to go. There is something big in the forest, something like a wolf, but not quite.” John said in trembling voice

“What you mean by that?” Kevin asked him

“I’ll explain on the way back.” John waved his hand and turned on the lantern.

I can’t remember how fast we got to our camp, but the sight is the thing I won’t forget. I even can’t explain it. The body of Cassidy was torn in half and I don’t know if that was Miches leg or what. God. While we’re looking for John, something came for them, something that wasn’t animal or human. I had no idea what it was, but as soon as we saw them we started running. There was no time for sorry or remorse for them. There were tears dropping from my eyes. Same was happening on their faces, but none of us wanted to stay in that place. Kevin didn’t bother taking his guitar and I didn’t question him about that. All we cared was to get to the car and get home – where it’s safe. As we ran I kept looking back from time to time, and I saw it. The two red dots glowing into the pitch black darkness, following up with a heavy growl. I felt my body shivering from fear – Johns, and Kevins probably too. After hearing that thing growling in the distance we fastened our feet towards the car.

Once we came out of the forest, our thoughts of getting out of there shrugged. The huge scratch on the passenger’s door and dent on the roof mean that we’re dealing with something bigger than our selves. Part of me started to believe that it was that legend John told us, and I wanted to punch him in the face for it.

“It’s all because of you John and your stupid story about the big bad wolf,” I shouted at him

“How should I know that it was real?” John shrugged his shoulders and got in his car, in hopes to get it started.

“This is not the time to blame each other about what happened, but it’s time to get out of here. Come on Rose.” Kevin opened the door and pushed me in.

After I got pushed into the car, I saw it. It was behind Kevin. God. The growling was one thing, but his look was completely other. The grey wolf looking human – if that fits the description for a two-meter tall monster. Once I was in the car, was the last time I saw Kevin. How he got dragged away back into the woods and nothing but his screams came out of it. We both saw it and John continued turning his keys in the ignition. Engine gurgled in the front, tingling our hope to get out of there. For a moment I thought: “This is it, this is how we die.” Luckily for us it started and nothing but the pedal to the floor wasn’t on our minds. Trees started to pass by enormous speed, and moments later you guys appeared from behind. I know you’ll find that hard to believe but that’s how it happened. The dent, the scratch on the side of the car and the reason why we were speeding.


The policeman at the station looked surprised about the story Rose gave him, but he didn’t sound convinced.

“It sounds believable, but we went there with search patrol and nothing could be found. No bodies, no campsite, not even the guitar you mentioned leaving behind. It looked like the whole thing didn’t exist in the first place.”

“It can’t be possible. It happened after,” Rose looked at the ticking clock on the wall “before two hours. The whole thing can’t disappear in two hours.” 

“I understand but imagine yourself in my shoes. Would you believe?” The policeman stood solidly in front of her and looked at her without emotion.

“Are we getting a speed ticket?” Rose asked the grumpy looking policeman

“Unfortunately, yes. Because there is no other evidence or reason why you were speeding away from that place. The whole speeding thing is caught on the camera and we can’t release you without a ticket.”

“I understand. Legends, right?” John implied

“I’m afraid so.”

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