Train Ride: Episode 1 – Arrival

‘Imagine you decide to jump on this train, to a stop you can’t even pronounce. Hell, you can’t even imagine.  The mysterious destination is what keeps your mind busy and guess after guess you keep wondering – what lies in the end. However, that’s not it. There’s another thirty like you, but everyone’s in its unique way. I forgot to mention that you’re going there with some people you know already – yet it’s only the fourth part of the whole community in one train. Yes, community. The mysterious drive is taking all of you, voluntarily to scheduled stops and you’re about to do some work while you’re on it. Don’t worry, time will slip by and you’d be already at the next stop. Can you go for ten days off your regular  schedule?’

That was the advertisement that got me here, among all the creepy or less creepy faces. Well, not that they are creepy, it’s just one of my first expression when some people rolled in. I was at the train on perfect timing – it wasn’t the boarding time, nor leaving one either. You probably thinking what’s this ride about. Well, let me tell you that – I don’t know for sure. The advertisement didn’t give any deeper knowledge and at this point, I decided to roll with it. Best thing is that I wasn’t traveling alone. Some of the people I know from the place I volunteer from time to time. Good folks. What goes for the rest of them? Mystery, plain mystery. It didn’t take long enough after my arrival when last people got on the train and our pilots started moving our train. They told us some basic details about the whole thing and warned us about the stuff we shouldn’t do on the train. I completely understood but sounded like an order.

Minutes after that slid into hours, and that my friends, kept going faster than I expected. It was nearly time to go to sleep when I realized my self by the table, completely somewhere coming out of my own thoughts. It was this group of people from Poland that caught my eye and felt like an interesting place to start, or it was because I asked one of them to translate some texts for me. The texts that were from a girl I met some time ago. Might be. However, that wasn’t the important part, what mattered now was a good night sleep. At least a try for good night sleep.

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