Train Ride: Episode 2 – Introduction

I have to make a confession – I haven’t slept in the bed this good for a long time. Despite the small amount of time spent sleeping I felt like a decent human being, at least I thought I felt like one. This morning was like every other morning – a zombie showcase. Can only imagine what their brains are going through after soaking themselves with a countless amount of booze. However, it’s just a wild guess from my point of view. That was just the first hour of the morning, later I was about to know them – by names. Hanging on that idea I tried to finish breakfast and continue my regular work, completely off this trains topic. As we all know, sometimes just an idea isn’t enough.

I forgot to mention, folks from the place I volunteer are the authors of this whole train ride schedule, and for this day we had to introduce each other. In simple words – we had to talk to each other. The hardest part – besides trying to come up with the words to say – was their names. I never was good with names, but somehow I found them easy to memorize and by the middle of the day got almost half of them. Perhaps, it was because of the name tags we gave each other – never know, right? Can’t say for sure if I was the only one who struggled with the names, but probably everyone else did too. Leaving some bright minded who could remember the name with the first sound of it. However, names weren’t the only thing we did. An aura of teamwork and constant need for energizing the whole group was floating around the main room all day. Remember the people from Poland I mentioned, the Polands – I wasn’t wrong. After they put me in the same group, to do work with them, which would represent our thoughts on certain topics like technology, arts, music and so on. The first impression was the same one I would have, if this ride would happen five years ago, because this time it just felt different. Can’t say I didn’t like their quick way of task execution and going off to their own agendas, and yet, it resembled too much of my life. The life I had years ago, and that wasn’t the feeling I was after.

Before the dinner, I and friend of mine went upstairs for one of our teammates – if we are a team. In the end, it feels like we’re one. She didn’t look alright and behind her ‘I’m ok’ face we tried to get to know what happened. We wanted to know why she left the meeting with everyone in the middle of the day. However, she didn’t tell much. I suggested that food might help and luckily for us it was being served while we talked. I had no idea if I was right about the food might be helpful, but it seemed closer to helping that the opposite. Despite our bellies being full to the top, we still waited for the national evening. Tonight we had to represent our nation with it’s most traditional dishes or the famous ones; the ones that we called ours for a reason, multiple reasons. We weren’t the only one who was representing the nation, there were people from Turkey as well. Turkish were coming off with their coffee and sweets, while we, Latvians, decided to go for something salty and booze, because, who doesn’t like booze.

Can’t say there was much happening after that. When a couple of card games passed and focus in my eyes faded away, I decided to go upstairs to crash for the night. The tipsy note from booze we presented was making me fall asleep like a baby and hanging on the thought about tomorrow I shut down like a computer.

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