Train Ride: Episode 3 – Technology

You know, the true legends are those who get food for those who can’t get out of the bed; the ones who make an effort for the zombies. “That who simply say the other way is an asshole,” is what my father would say. I like to call them zombies because you would assume the same just by the looks of their walking pace, not mentioning the air coming from the bottom of their bellies. God, I hope the walk we did didn’t stir up the booze juice, which could still be there. I mean, not like it was hard or anything, but the whole idea, in general, felt like a burden to some of them. I couldn’t help myself, but to sit back and enjoy this morning zombie uprising.

Can’t say that we had to use much of a technology as the title of the day might describe. That one brief moment when people tried to film some small piece and glue it together for our general amusement. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I would most definitely find it amusing – at least or a little bit. I just couldn’t take it seriously because of evening session hanging on my mind all the time. The small part I have to do at the beginning of this train ride, and after that, well, I’m free I guess. In the way, of course, I’ll still have some stuff, but it doesn’t feel like a mandatory thing. To be honest. I love this way more than the other way around. The peace one can have after the job is done can’t be measured. I have to honest with you. Right before the session started, all the nervous stuff that I was piling up in my head just, puff, disappeared. Disappeared in thin air, like it wasn’t there. Call it magic or natural thing, but it felt like nothing before. You’re probably thinking what kind of a session? Well, the one where I got to hear part of the stuff happening in their head and the best thing about it – they didn’t even realize it. Some voodoo without then knowing, huh.

However, it felt like enough with the whole formal stuff and preparing for the other day, or overthinking about the very next day, the very next thing. It was time to let off some steam and dive into the countless amount of wine, or something else. Lithuanian evening was coming ahead and had to visit the shop. Thing is, they didn’t allow anything stronger than cheap ass wine. Guess I’m stuck with it if I wanna get tipsy. The simplest plan of the universe was – get wasted and crack jokes about the whole community, hoping that they’ll not take it seriously. After all, we’re sort of family now; at least for a week, we are.

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