Train Ride: Episode 4 – Movement

“To start understanding zombies, one must become a zombie” was the thing I learned the hard way, literally. Reminding myself what is a hangover after months of absence from booze. It gave me pleasure to laugh about half dead people in the mornings but becoming one was less funny to me. Not that I stayed in that state long enough to acknowledge something new, no – I have my rituals how to get rid of it. However, that’s just a morning. The morning which quickly came to our first stop on our journey. Te stop which was my local youth center.

In the beginning, I didn’t thought that we’re gonna go there, but hey, lucky me I guess. While people were struggling with their hangovers and barely moving their bodies, me – who completely forgot what it means to have lack of sleep – go to get home for a light meal. Something different for a change is what we all need, isn’t it? Our pilots told that there were pizzas ordered, but I didn’t want that. I had my own desires and pizza wasn’t one of them, at least not at the moment. Can’t say that it was the only reason. There was one other thing I had to attend while we’re in my town. The places of which better not to speak about. Coming closer to the evening I had to remind myself that this day wasn’t over, despite the aura floating with us today. The extreme lack of sleep aura, which made me wanna roll into blankets and with hot coffee by my side sink into a warm state of mind. Nevertheless, there’s an evening for that action.

When the day was mingling from one place to another; when I was getting tired of people passing out all around me. The moment was to change places – back to the train we went. The part when we needed to move our bodies was gone and everyone went for the shop to stock up the supplies for the time on the train. Probably would guess by now that everyone’s special desire from the shop was booze. I barely saw food in their shopping baskets. Stretching from stuff like beer to wine and even vodka for some people served as a food. It could be just me saying, but it looked like everyone was there to have a party, well, maybe not everyone. There is something that has to be memorized, the guy from our squad, who taught one of his special potion recipes. Potions, how convenient, right?

I’ve kind of enjoyed the surprise that people from Poland brought to all of us – the cinema night. Can’t say I was super excited, but two beers I had just disappeared in a few minutes. Almost like they weren’t even there. For the movies they played, well, I can say that they weren’t interesting, but I might pick a different second one. On that note, it all ended. Can’t say that there were much going on after the movies, which felt weird. For the first time, there wasn’t any booze drinking enthusiast left on the first floor.

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