Train Ride: Episode 5 – Music

Three. Three was the exact number of hours I spent sleeping while day changed from one to another. God, it felt painful to walk around half awake and half asleep. I was about to give away anything for a few more hours under the blankets and somewhere deep into the bed. Another poor man’s dream, if sleep would define our place in society. Nevertheless, coffee is a powerful tool if people use it for stuff it was designed. Too bad I can’t include myself in that category. Personally, I don’t like it, yet I chugged somewhere around a liter so I could stay awake. The amounts of toilet runs I made after it – countless, simply countless.

It’s good that people from Lithuania were starting the day with music and teaching us with simple beat making methods. It was hard to focus on it in the beginning but later on, it went like a river – quickly fading our sleepiness somewhere behind the energetic beats. I enjoy music, and the way we were learning it will serve me somewhere in the future, no doubt. The making of a beat was incredible. More can be said for unity we created while we hit our palms against our chests and clapped together. Looking back on that day I think we all planted something in our conscious, some of us might acknowledge it, while some will just pass by without looking back on this day. The simplicity of one’s abilities still keeps me curious about the rest of the group because I think I saw enough from people like polands. When one has seen enough from another one, the curiosity about that particular one starts to fade away. That is why my attention switched to different people for the night, thinking that I should get to know someone else, besides the casual drinking buddies. It didn’t cross my mind that as soon as I start living on this train for a week I’ll have drinking buddies. The only downside is that they disappear from the main room and then appear somewhat I don’t know when. When they probably go for a smoke or amusement.

So, knowing that the only drinking fanatics are doing their thing in a room, left me wondering about the time their having. Probably it was going right, or bad, it hardly matters in the end. Not that I judge or anything, it just feels like they miss out something, or they have everything they need without everyone else. Never know, right? Nevertheless, this is about our neighborly Lithuanians, the proudly called ‘braļukas’. For they were the ones that pushed us all into music and dancing for the rest of the day, and I don’t know who, but someone came up with the idea for an event on the board. The event which was called “dance in the dark”. Literally, as you guessed it probably by now, it was a completely dark room with music playing and no one truly dancing – just like any other party, I attended to. The whole thing just made me chuckle and sleepy, and once again, you can guess what happened later on. Nothing, completely nothing besides sleep.

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