Train Ride: Episode 6 – Culture

This was the day. This was supposed to be a day when everyone sees our capital and we would proudly await amusement on their faces, but no. It was just another place to go when we needed a break. Nine-thirty in the morning and we were already at the stop, twenty kilometers away from Riga. We had some public transport rented and we awaited the pickup. Filled ourselves up before the trip and hopped the van. God, the van was to clean for my liking, perhaps to clean on purpose. However, it’s probably because it’s rented and on n on. Without knowing where we’re smacking into; when Riga was just a few minute distances between anything at that point.

Before we even started driving, we explained that we don’t know where we’re gonna go, that is why we’re meeting in the center of the capital. Well, slightly center of it. There were no hold ups at any moment and a friend of mine dropped us off, and quickly I became their guide without wanting it. Can’t say it was all bad because I found myself quickly enjoying the tour. Never was I for someone who would talk shit and tell the history of the capital, and yet I was. Yet, I was there, leading polands around my capital, with help of another lovely soul. Without any expectations or doubt that something could go wrong I started zoning out when we walked to the art museum. There were a few hold-ups at small shops, where people were selling a home knitted mittens and hats, along with the Slavic symbols on them. I always found them cute, but spending a twenty on them felt like a bad way to go. Perhaps it’s just me. However, the story is not about the mittens and walking through the capital, and what goes about the art museum. It was time to go when we had our pluck of inspiration from paintings and sculptures. Now was the time to go for a long earned cold beer – KKC.

Everyone kept asking what the name KKC mean, and the closest translation could come up with was – culture center of hemp. Lovely place whit piss and booze aroma to it, although, it’s gone after two beers alongside with monthly ‘no’ for bars. Seems we all fall sometimes, but man, it was fun getting shitfaced at that place. Just good hard laugh and a countless number of beers with tequila on top of them. A long time passed since I had been to this place and state I was in. Knowing that drinking water along with booze is not that bad of an idea, but if you keep drinking it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on my mind during the whole night. I had some clue that I’m gonna regret it, but fuck it right. Live today and think about tomorrow when it becomes today. Somewhere around seven in the evening we had some fast food and settled for another place, where polands came up with the next day’s plan – I loved it the second I heard it. Later, when a few beers went down the throat, it was time to go. With a few beers here n there and shop in the middle, we got back home to continue soaking our brains with booze. God, I wish I could remember the rest.

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