Train Ride: Episode 7 – Art

More like the art of survival, or regret – depends on how people look at it. Me, I was trying to survive from the moment I woke up and start to feel the stinging pain in my head. It felt like someone is poking my brain with a stick, trying to catch its reaction. Awful feeling, which I had to get through with it. Along with a headache came the disgust for breakfast which was finally like I used to eat at home. The perfect breakfast, but I can’t get anything of it down the throat to my belly. God, I wished I couldn’t hear them speaking, but we can’t get what we want all the time. I felt like I have to get out of there, away from nonstopping chatter and back to my room, where I had a tiny piece of medicine. The very same medicine I grabbed on this ride for occasions like this. A good thing was that they served bananas, for the future use of course.

Completely confident that the medicine will help, I stormed to my room and quickly prepared for a small walk outside. Figured the fresh air might help to ease the pain in my head. Unfortunately, it did help only for a brief moment while I was outside. I wish we would go outside more often because staying in the same room, on the same very train isn’t healthy for anyone. In all that morning was me, someone who had a hangover hard enough to stop focusing on anything except my head. When everyone gathered for the first session and room started to fill with voices I found myself, screaming. Well, almost screaming. For the first time in history of these trips, I had never lived through the sleeping session. The name for it hardly matters, but it says everything I, we did during its time and after the session. The pain in my head was intense enough to make me forget about anything; to lose focus or any desire for some of the work I had to do. The only thing that I managed was drawing. All because of super simple approach to it.

Later on, when the sun rolled down and dark blanket rolled over us; when inevitable dinner was an hour away from reaching us. When everyone started turning to their festive mood – I wasn’t there. Finally, I felt the need to write something down, to start producing something beneficial, kind of beneficial. An hour slipped by and dinner was passing by. The pain in the head was still there and before I knew, I was driving to the shop for a light booze. I thought that I needed something legit to ease it off. I couldn’t believe it, the booze actually helped and a valuable lesson was learned – fight fire with fire.

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