Train Ride: Episode 10 – Exploring Ourselves

It is noticeable how can everything start to feel different when time passes by, carrying everything behind us. I could feel the slowly fading attention from everyone, not just me. Either it was because of the enormous amount we spent inside this train or because of evening entertainment so to speak. It has been nights of spending here and honestly, it’s enough to start feeling claustrophobic. Not that it would be a problem, but some fresh outside activity wouldn’t be a bad decision if the weather allows it of course. Yet, it was the last day and idea of spending it outside was probably just in my head. If I can trust what our wall says, then it was time to start thinking out of the box, literally.

Firstly we had to think inside of it. It mind be some sort of system or ‘the right’ way to start thinking out of it, but I found it rather being two different things and both worked. I mean thinking inside the box just gave some sort of clarity about the majority of our society – how they think and where could be the issue. I mean, it was coming from us, but I couldn’t find myself agreeing with them. Maybe it’s just me, or I don’t know something they do. However, it all served as the example what’s happening in the real world, while thinking outside the box help me think more about the way I think. I always found myself more curious about me rather than the world. Of course, there is cultures and places to see, but what’s the point if we can’t realize ourselves? I ask that question myself a lot lately and trips like this helps paint a clearer picture, and it keeps me wonder if there are different approaches to it. That’s why this day’s sessions got me curious because after we started to think out of the box, Turkish people had as write a letter to ourselves – that was fun and odd at the same time. I’m sure I learned something at that moment, something I felt lacking or lost. The last day was coming to the end and Turkish had prepared something to raise our moods, and without lying I can tell – it did.

Although it was the last day of sessions and facilitating, the day wasn’t over yet. All of us were having fun after mood raising session – if I can call it that way. Yet there was something more in the evening – the talent show. Not that I have any kind of entertaining talent that I could show in front of the public. What I couldn’t wait was the performance from other passengers. I just couldn’t wait for the laughter, no one could. It was another night to have fun with polands, but this time we all somehow blended together with turkish too.

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