Train Ride: Episode 11 – Conclusion

I could still feel some part of booze in my head when I woke up somewhere else, but not in my room. I didn’t care much in the beginning, because I quickly found it familiar. This was the polands room, and it seemed that I never left it from yesterdays evening. Yet, it was the right thing to do, otherwise, I could oversleep the breakfast – all because of my phone being somewhere but not with me.

It doesn’t take much to understand what this day will be about. In the beginning, I knew that this will be the day when we’re not gonna do anything serious but conclude the whole trip between us. All of us formed the last sharing circle to tell about one bad thing and one good thing about this whole trip, or the train its self. I had no issues whatsoever, except that we could use more time outside in fresh air. Actually, come to think of it. There wasn’t many of us who complained either, mostly there was a positive energy in that morning. Everyone knew that it’s coming to the end and to keep hanging on bad thoughts probably wasn’t on anyone’s mind. Especially when our pilots started calling out the names of each of us and giving specially covered journals for each of us, which made it the loveliest ending – for me at least. Once it was all done, I watched how people start to get their stuff and going on a trip on their own. The train was stopped at the same place it started, near the same parking lot. Everyone now had their own opened agenda. There was no limit on what to do after lunch and that left five hours of free time for everyone. Some when sleeping, while some went to take a look over the city on TV tower. I wasn’t interested in going anywhere, maybe for a walk, but no the city. Someone mentioned a drink or two and I couldn’t disagree with such entertainment. It was like having fun, but with a slight buzz, after which followed game we all gave up on at the beginning – the game called ‘cards against humanity’. God, I was really bad in it. I guess I’m for humanity.

The whole day I had an idea of taking a walk on my mind – to fresh it up a little. Feel the fresh air with my nose and inhale the chilly winter air. It took some while when we finished the first card game and I could finally go for a walk, which meant going after the wine bottle. On the way to the shop I met some of the people from the train going in the opposite direction, they were laughing because I decided to go alone. However, I wasn’t coming back alone, I had a friend with me and we managed to get back in time just before dinner. This was our last night on that train and I knew that some of us won’t go to sleep that night.

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