Train Ride: Episode 12 – Departure

I was right about people not going to sleep on the last night but wasn’t sure that it will be me. Well, almost me. I was about to wait until the departure morning with turkish people, but somehow my body told me that it’s a stupid idea. Yet I realized it only at six in the morning – when I usually wake up. It was a couple of hour sleep before breakfast. Feeling like shit was almost casual feeling as the trip was coming to the end and here, on the last day it was the worst. Almost with no sleep, I walked around it collecting my stuff around the room and getting ready for leaving. Everyone else was doing the same thing.

There was a couple of cars coming for all of us, except me and my friends. We were the only ones who lived ten minutes away from there. First was the turkish people who left, but before they left, we had to hug each one of them and wish farewell. One of them didn’t realize forgetting a scarf until he reached the airport, but that’s for another story. Soon after left polands along with Lithuanians. It felt like they disappeared at the same time. We wanted to make their departure memorable. While they were driving around the house, I and my friend run to the widest window to show farewell. Yet none of them realized that I’m going to show them my ass. It was like reliving the teenage years once again, to come back to the same stupidity for a few seconds. However, it was all for the amusement, not that I had something against any of them. It was fun. The whole week grew friendships that will be there for a lifetime and helped me realize something about people, about their way of life. It’s weird how’s the first day was the happiest and the last one was the saddest – for some of the people there.

Once we made the last walk around the train to check if someone left anything, it was time to leave. That was the moment when I found that scarf and decided to keep it until I meet the guy again – it still has his smell tho. There wasn’t anything except garbage bags in rooms and once done with that we started packing our cars, with baggage and a lot of paper sheets. Another week of meeting new people was behind me and I kept wondering – “Am I gonna see them again or it was just another trip together, and somewhere in the future, we might bump in each other.” I thought about it, for the rest of the way back home, all because this wasn’t my first time going on a trip like this, and I knew how they usually ended.

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