Train Ride: Episode 8 – Games

The day of games and you know who’s hosting it? Probably by now, it’s should be self-explanatory that each country had to host two days in the row. There were topics for each day, but not the rhythm for them. Today was another attempt from polands to keep our minds entertained. I can’t say that I remember most of the stuff that was happening in the morning. Perhaps it’s the lack of interest in the first part, or the lack of sleep from last night, because of some reasons. Now, coming back to the morning after a few days in between I can feel the mist that covered the whole morning.

One of the things that we managed to do before lunch was the creation of our signatures from the specific font. On that moment I saw that everyone can work with words and make they’re named look good or completely ruin it. We got to the lunch after writing our words with new times new roman font. I wish that someone could film the way we stormed to the main room for the food and how everyone created a line, longer than the one I have in the mornings at the bus stop. Guess everyone can turn into a hungry human being after they have poor breakfast – no judgment. If I had to explain what happened after that I would be lying that I was really into it. Somehow food railed me of the educational part of the programme; for a brief moment, I drifted away in my head to save me from burning out. That was the whole idea behind this train ride, wasn’t it? To not burn out and know when to stop giving out the energy. To not feel depleted and exhausted. Wish the same thing could be said about other passengers, especially the… probably guessed it. If not, well, I don’t want to remind again.

When lunch was long gone and moment for the mysterious secret game was about to be released. Polands were standing at our main room, the very room where we shared knowledge. I won’t say that I was anticipated for it, but soon as I walked in the room – as soon as the let us in there – my mind began filling with curiosity. I suddenly desired to know what it is. Keeping my mind to guess what is the purpose of splitting the floor in four and same with all the other passengers. All they told us that we can’t speak, we have some time to memorize the rules and then, when the game begins rules will be taken away. Easy peasy, right? Except for one thing. None of us thought that every so-called ‘table’ will have their own rules – that was the secret we all had to discover. Finally, for a change, we had something to deplete our minds before falling into bed, which happened slightly past midnight anyway.

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