Train Ride: Episode 9 – Theatre & Cinema

I love that feeling when I wake and can feel in the bones that this day gonna be something different from the previous ones. When the intuition tingles that grey matter on the head and moves it slightly in the right direction. Yes, we finally had something entertaining, truly entertaining – theatre. I mean, I wouldn’t love it if it happened somewhere two or three months before. However, that’s another particular reason. People from Turkey had put names of all sessions on the wall. Names of the sessions that’s gonna happen today. The only thing that separated amusing entertainment from the passengers of this train was the breakfast – place where we all gathered, well, those who felt alive. At breakfast, I felt like we were blessed by something in the middle of our ride. Suddenly the amount of food on plates was starting to change and none of us complained, because who doesn’t enjoy it.

Like I mentioned, the theatre was something to experience. From small things like silhouetting an object to making a scene from a famous fairytale. Can’t say I remember what they were all about, but one particular stayed in my head – the story of Cinderella if her family would be black. In all those theatre plays I can see how far human imagination can stretch. How from a basic story it can become a completely different one, but still keeping an original core in it. Time to leave for a meeting was coming closer. However, only after I live through the theatre and await the lunch, which will probably pass faster than I think – like always. Meeting with my mentor off from this train was coming closer and I had to figure out how I get there. Luckily everything went as planned, well, almost like planned. It was clear that I have to get back to our train by my feet, the question was – do I need something to take with me. I was sure that I’m gonna miss something from Turkish people, something that might be useful for me.

Finally, I was almost back to our train, which conveniently was near the town I went to see my mentor. I saw it in the train in the distance, after walking nearly an hour through a snowy landscape and feeling cold blowing into my face. On the way there I had an opportunity to pass by another shop, the beer market. Of course, I couldn’t resist the urge for decent beer and grabbing one for the road felt like the good thing to do. When I finally got back to the train I saw one poland, roaming around while the session is going on, saying that she doesn’t want to disturb the session – I had the same thoughts, but I joined it anyway. In the end, I was in the session for ten or fifteen minutes, which felt like another good thing. I dunno if I can tell what happened after the important part, but that could take to much of a time. In a few words, we played some of the card game, which resulted in a group of enthusiastically tipsy people.

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