Walk for a Smoke

The evening was coming to an end. Larry continued looking for the words to put into his next story. Looking deep into the bright screen, he started to notice time passing by 7 pm and figured he should take a break. He didn’t plan to spend all day inside the apartment, surrounded by light blues walls. Although, going alone wasn’t on his mind either. “It’s a blessing that we don’t have to call anymore,” Larry thought and opened facebook. After a couple of seconds, he came upon his friend – Bob.



“Care for a walk?” Larry knew that Bob will agree to that.


“I’ll be making a sandwich before going. So, ten or fifteen minutes?”

Bob didn’t answer after that and Larry didn’t care for it at all. Larry’s eyes continued looking into the hypnotic bright screen. Meantime Larry opened his lovely box. In which he kept grass for a sandwich and everything else for making one.

A sandwich stood for a spliff or joint. All Larry’s friends had a lot of descriptions for illegal stuff. It was because paranoia struck their town. After that, most of the folks started to believe that the police is listening. There were events when people got busted for grass. Now people are using cover-up names for everything.

Larry was gluing himself off the computer screen when fifteen minutes passed. Somehow he noticed the time passing by, grabbed the coat and went to Bob’s place. He thought the walk will take an hour, more than enough to clear his head and gain inspiration. After all, Larry was a little bit sick already, and spending more than an hour outside wasn’t on a schedule.
Luckily it wasn’t cold as Larry expected. The temperature was standing at zero and began melting snow streets of the town. Larry bothered by the temperature rising above the zero. When white snow started to turn brown. It was a couple of days until Christmas, guess that was a reason. While light brown snow covered the streets of the town, outside of it remained white coat of softness. Larry started to get curious after five minutes of waiting for Bob in the snowy evening. Larry was thinking that Bob might be working on a sandwich for himself as well.

Finally, Larry saw Bob through the glass window in the staircase. Both shared a smile until Bob got out of the apartment building. They didn’t shake hands but fist-bumped, because no one wanted to feel cold in their hands.

“Where too?” Bob waved hands to left and right.

“There! I don’t want to go through saggy brown snow.” Larry pointed to the forest.

Both friends came out of the town and ventured into the woods. Where light from lanterns accompanied no more. Where only light came from was from the sky, reflecting upon snow. Bob was happy at that fact. It was strange how winters were brighter than autumns, despite being a lot colder.
Larry asked for lighter from Bob because the only thing he got was matchsticks, in case there’s no fire in the group. Larry’s so-called sandwich was lid up, and Bob asked Larry a question.

“Is this with pepper like yesterdays?”

“No, I decided to stick with the tea and grass. Pepper was too hot for my tastes.”

Both laugh and passed the glowing stick. Bob took it for the taste and refused for the rest of its burning. This tea thing wasn’t for him.
For a couple of minutes, they walked among the forest. Later coming up to crossing over a small river bank which led into a meadow. Both shared stories about their friend Philip and how his relationship is doing – they found it funny. Their bodies began to get used to cold while they laughed. The cold was in the past, and they continued venturing through a small path between meadows.

Meadows led them to a small road going to a town. They came out of dark and light from towns lanterns was shining upon them. Bob pointed to a direction closer to the center of a town. He had a wish for a warm home, but Larry was thinking otherwise. Larry had an idea about for a bit longer walk and pointed in a different direction. Both agreed and took pavement road, with an idea to walk for a couple of minutes before heading home.
A couple of stories made time fade away, and they reached the other side of the town faster. Only one turn left before heading home when a familiar car was passing by. Bob noticed his friends face through a rolled down a window. The car got their both attention, and Bob with Larry stared how it’s starting to slow down. Bob murmured a name to Larry, but Larry didn’t get it.

The car came to complete stop as soon it noticed Bob with Larry walking towards it. Bob was curious to know if it is his friend, the same friend who sell grass sometimes. Once Bob came to the car, the people driving it met him with smiles and laughter.

“Jump in!” voice from the car said.

Larry with Bob got in the backseat without wasting a second. The car began driving, and the person behind the wheel started talking.

“It was hilarious how you both stopped, turned around and started walking towards. I swear, we both very laughing hard at that.” Their friendly neighborhood grass man was pointing to a person beside him – Eddie.

The car drove from one place to another, leaving Larry more anxious about the trip they were taking. Driving from one side of the town to another, from one person to the next one. It continued for half an hour. Larry was about to start walking home while they’re still in town. Unfortunately, he didn’t speak it and the car drove outside the town, picking up another friend on the way. Now it was way longer than Larry anticipated.

Everyone who was in the car started making sandwiches, except for Larry, since he had one half an hour ago. There was nothing for Larry inside the car and he decided to take some fresh air. Larry stepped out of the car to feel the breeze air hugging him from all sides. Second after he left the car he wanted to get back in it, a sudden change to cold made him reconsider. Even so, he stayed outside and watched Bob making a sandwich through the window – admiring it like artwork.

Larry knew that home is a couple of minutes away. He and his friends were outside the town. Next to the quarry, because there was almost zero chance for a human soul to come there at that hour. It was a perfect place to disappear from the public. Now there was only matter of patience Larry had before going home.

Larry was patient, but he wasn’t happy when his decision made him stay outside more than he anticipated. At least, that is what he told me in the end…

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