Hibernation: Day 3 – Earth Day

It came early in the morning and out of a sudden. When bowls of porage were getting empty, and bellies started to feel up with joy, the darkness laid upon them. Some thought it was an accidental bump into the light switch, but no. Electricity was out, and candles quickly crawled on the table. With darkness in the room and light in everyones hearts, all twenty of them awaited sunrise.

The blackout encouraged everyone to work together, and as soon they finished with their daily contribution, it was time for a walk of forgiveness. Everyone looked for a person they didn’t know and paired up for a walk. The falling snow melted on its way to the ground and soaked into every jacket while participants worked on forgiving themselves for the things from the past. Once everyone had found peace within, it was time for another sharing circle.

No power meant no water, but people looked for alternatives to restore balance. Despite the unexpected blackout, all twenty of them held together and took care of each other. It was a surprise that united them all. After taking care of each other, everyone received alone time to take a walk, and dive into their own thoughts – all of them deserved it without a doubt.

When everyone had spent some time by themselves, they gathered together and were given a task to brainstorm the next day’s activities to share their knowledge and awareness practices with each other.  Through a pile of ideas, the group found a common ground and started preparing for the next day.

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