Hibernation: Day 4 – Contribution

The quiet night surprised everyone. Peaceful sleep uninterrupted by snoring was the blessing group needed for the exciting day ahead.

The day for sharing knowledge with each other was here. In the morning the participants split into two groups to lead and take part in their own workshops. One group shared yoga practice, while other had a discussion about zero waste. All went smooth, perhaps, smoother than anyone of them expected.

When lunch was over, it was time for theatre, and everyone gathered together to have a good time laughing. The workshop started with a couple of acting games and ultimately lead to image theatre. The three wonderful souls wanted to show people that theatre is about fun and that being a fool in front of the public is part of the act. After everyone had laughter, the group split again for another set of workshops. Some had less attention than others, but ultimately everyone found something to their liking.

The day ended peacefully. Everyone gathered in the spirit house for a sharing circle. Every person shared their reflections about the day with candlelight illuminating their face. Once everyone had their turn, the group continued with a special ritual suggested by one of their members. The activity called “angel walk” and involved two rows of people who face each other and form a human tunnel. One by one participant travel through peoples compassion and let the pasts scars heal by the hugs, loving and inspiring wishes of others.

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