Hibernation: Day 5 – Lost in Woods

The morning felt ordinary up until the contribution hour, when participants helped out with household chores as usual. However, this time whispers of a hike to secret location flew from one ear to another and everyone got excited.

The rumors turned out to be true, and the group quickly prepared for the day-trip. They carried a lot of essentials for the campsite and dinner. Half an hour later, the group had left the house and reached the place in the forest where their campsite would be. Everyone dropped their bags and Laura, one of the organizers, invited them to create a circle with their backs against each other. She encouraged them to get lost in the woods and explore nature by following the direction their noses pointed. Participants were invited to walk in silence, listening to the earth and stay alone with their thoughts for the next three hours.

When the sun began settling down, organizers began preparing dinner at the camp. Slowly, most of those who went deep into the woods started to return back, until the numbers grew close to twenty. However, this wasn’t all of them. Two of them were lost until the dark clouds rolled over the wild woods, building a worry around the campfire.

Several hours later, after a couple of groups scattered around the woods to search for the lost people. Shouting as loud as they could, they brought lost folks safely back to camp for dinner. Everyone was happy to be back together and began preparing for the way back, knowing that all of them were safe although with wet socks.

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