There I was, sitting by the window and glancing over snow-covered trees in the far distance. Admiring the earth resting before the busy springtime. How every tree is stripped naked and purified during the winter time. The stillness from the cold run through my body. I wanted to stop time and enjoy the moment, yet time wasn’t on the same page with me. The ticking round wheel continued shifting my thoughts from one to another. Mind began traveling from one memory to another, painting pictures from happiest and saddest moments in the past year. At least it wasn’t the foggy future that I was curious about.

In those memories I found you. Standing by our car in which we traveled the world together. From which we shouted our freedom and shared rides with strangers. How you hanged the empty cola can on the back mirror and named it our lucky talisman. I still have that can somewhere in my apartment. It’s among the stuff you forgot when you visited me for the first time. Especially the sweater – the yellow-blue-red-cozy blanket you called it. I could wear it, but it’s not my size. I’d better hold onto tea drinking habit to get me warm through this cold morning. Even if it’s warm inside, the sensation from outside breeze hugs me from behind. The same way you did when I didn’t expected it, yet it wasn’t the cold that time.

I just wonder where the time flew away, where it disappeared and how I didn’t felt it passing by. Now, all that left is my notebook and poems about you inside of it. The stories and drawings that we both filled almost until the end. It’s the end of the pages, the week, the final page, but not for us. Our story had just begun. Unclear us the fog covering the top of the forest but hopeful as the light burning from the candlelight.

With a deep breath filling my lungs and releasing the worry inside my body I raise from the chair. Finish the last tea in my cup and stare into the cold winter outside the window. Earth is taking a break, so why wouldn’t we follow its steps.

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