Last Night

We finally arrived at her place from the bowling alley. I totally humiliated in that game. I’m not really good at throwing balls at pins, but she could have made it easier for me. However, we were here. The lovely apartment of Grace. I might lose in bowling, but she had no idea I wanted to get here. In the night when the full moon rises above the streets of Rome, my inner animal was awake. It was the fire inside me that made this date a game.

“I’ll take a quick shower, and then we can continue.” She dragged her finger over my lips and gives me kiss on a cheek.

I stayed silent. There was no need for words, our bodies speak for themselves.

The bathroom doors closed and I began walking around the apartment, inhaling the smell of an innocent girl who invited the wrong person to her place. The sound of running water covered any noise I created around the apartment. The high school photos on the wall, and collection of books. She seems popular and smart, but it’s not her. It’s someone else apartment.

Doesn’t really matter for me.

I keep looking for reasons not to kill her, but her smell is the only thing that might prevent me from doing it. I love her perfume, it brings teenager in me.

After making a small tour around her place, I decide to do it the old fashion way. I stash in my boot the first knife I can reach and sit down on the couch. She will be coming by to kiss me, they all do.

When water stops I begin to pretend like I made my self comfortable. Turn on the TV to cover any kind of suspicion and rest. The sound of her footsteps begins to approach, closer and closer. My hand reaches for the top of the couch, and I hear her saying.


I turned my head and trying to act surprised…


“We are finally here. God, I hoped this night would never come, but not a slim chance Grace. Somehow you got him to the apartment. It’s a part of the plan to convince him.”

Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with serial killers. They always wait until the right moment and play with their victims. Like predators do with their food. I keep saying to my self: “He’s just another citizen gone crazy, and unfortunately I’m the one who has to bring him in.”

When we get into the apartment, I try to make him feel like I don’t know what’s about to happen.

“I’ll take a quick shower, and then we can continue,” I say and drag my finger over his lips and give him a kiss on a cheek.

It is something I picked up from my past life.

The warm from the shower makes me hopeful because this thing can finally end. The monthly long manhunt has almost come to an end. I can’t be sure it’s Marks. However, the killers’ profile fits him – blonde, tall and has a thing for redheads. Only thing is, none of the guys back at the station have hard proof on him. That is why I’m here. I’m the women who have to play bait in his game. I’m not enjoying this a bit.

He’s probably doing something in my apartment, I can feel it. I stop the water, dried my self and wrap into a warm towel. It’s time to finish this. I reached for my gun from my pants and go to confront him.

He’s there, relaxing in the couch like nothing is happening. I place my hands behind my back and gently call for him.

“Mark?” his head turns.

I can see him faking it, but I have to give applause for acting. At this moment I have no idea what to do, come closer and risk of getting stabbed or wait for him to come closer.

He raises up, and I can notice both of his hands behind the back. We both are hiding something. My head starts to panic as he gets closer and I shout.

“STOP!” He freezes “What’s in yout hands Mark?”

“Noting Grace.” He opens both hands in front of him with nothing on them. “Why are you asking, and why are you shouting?”

I feel so stupid now. “Nothing, I thought you’re someone else. I’ll go get some fresh clothes.”

I try to hide the gun while passing him by to my room and ask him if he can wait for me in the kitchen. The air starts to feel heavy as I go to the bedroom. Almost like smoke that keeps choking my breath. I can feel the need for water. Halfway to the room and I’m turning back to go back for water. When suddenly happens what I expected.

There he is. In his whole glory. The person I was looking for turns out to be Mark after all. Standing in front of me with a kitchen knife, staring down at my gun.

“Why do you have a gun Grace? Guns are dangerous.” He says in a slow voice.

“Why you have my kitchen knife, Mark? As I know, knives don’t fit in “safe” category.”

“We both know how this going to end.”

“Unfortunately I know.” I pulled the trigger and watch him collapse in front of me.

A tear drops from my eye as I lay my hand on his body. He’s still alive, choking on his blood and keeps looking into my eyes. I take off my wig, and he recognizes me. His eyes widen from the surprise, and I say to him.

“I never wished for this to happen when I joined the police.” another tear drops from my eye “I never imagined I’ll have to kill you, brother.”

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