Eddies eyes turned to a recently bought book and pulled him into a memory lane. It guided him back to almost a year ago when he had a spontaneous call for a holiday in the countryside. He hasn’t been at the vacation for a while at that time, and it made sense to agree on it. Without knowing that it will turn his world around.

The vacation was a good time to test out how far his van can go. It did a great job going to the next country, but the sound of weird clicking underneath it bothered him along the way. However, music was loud enough to covert it and forget about it. Eddie began to step into the vacation mood.

“Are you sure that sound is okay?” Eddies friend – Leroy – asked him.

“Yeah, I think so. I guess it’s an unnecessary string hanging at the chassis.”

“If you say so.”

Leroy trusted Eddie, he wasn’t the one who gets anxious about such things. Leroys carelessness could drive them both into the trouble someday, and both of them knew that. It was one of a kind friendship – until it lasted.

The foreign country was upon them, and both could fell the warm welcome of the sunshine. It was one week to spend outside the usual life, smoke weed and let others worry about the work. Both couldn’t make it serious one bit. Things started to change when they got to the venue and saw the long meadow in front of it. The sun was filling every bit of the grass with its tenderness and care. Eddie and Leroy had arrived in paradise, but they knew that they won’t be alone there.

In the venue was supposed to be more people and number would grow to twenty by the end of the day. Eddie and Leroy sat on the stones that evening, analyzing everyone who stepped out of the bus. Leroy was glad that they came with a van because it quickly turned into the temple where they smoke weed, thinking that no one notices. But they were wrong from the beginning. It served as an escape, but not the hideout.

Leroy completely dived into vacation mood by the moment they arrived, but Eddie kept looking for something else. Eddie saw it as a week to grow and gain some clue about what to do in life.

“Leroy, do you think we should start changing our lives? I mean, the daily habits and put some thought about the future?” Eddie asked in the middle of the smoking session.

“Dude, it’s a vacation. Let’s think about this when we get home. For now, let’s finish this and get back to others.”

Every night people would gather around the campfire and sing songs until midnight, or until the last musician is playing guitar. All together they sang songs, laughed and joked about the day they had. Some drank beer, while some stayed with tea drinking. It was then when Eddie saw curiosity and passion in her – the girl who was about turn his world around.

Through the whole week, Eddie had no idea that there will be someone like her in his path. He remained distant through the vacation because he had no idea how to approach her and Leroy kept pulling him into leisure. Eddies heart struggled to know her, but mind kept him away from asking. His mind was cloudy, full of judgment, until the last day.

The moment of surprise came when Eddie woke up beside her. The night before last day was a huge party and at one point Eddie blackout out. The pitch black picture kept him guessing what happened the other night and how he ended up with her in one bed. He didn’t feel bad about it, but curious.

On the last day, when they finally started talking from the awkward morning. Eddie learned that there’s a lot of common things between them. How their minds work alike and both are curious about the world. The stories that they want to share with the world, and how they both found escape in books. Eddie felt like something more than a cosmos connected them, something that was way beyond his knowledge. His heart pounded harder when their ways separated, and he knew that one day they will meet again.

Eddie kept a determination for the next months. The life made a huge turnover for him. In the depth of his heart, he wanted to meet her for another moment together. Eddie had never been outside of his country longer than one week and all by himself. The desire for one last time together launched him into an adventure, which changed his life forever.

Eddie never knew that he would hitchhike. He had no idea that he’ll spend more hours reading than watching TV or listening to music. Eddie had no idea that one day he will start writing stories to empty his thoughts about her and the world inside his head.

It was one spontaneous decision that turned his world around. Without that decision, this story wouldn’t be here. Eddie realized that signs are out there. All he has to do is to have the willingness to look and follow them.

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