Hibernation: Day 6 – Cuddle Day

It was the middle of The Hibernation project, and tiredness could be seen on everyone’s faces. Unlike the first days of the exchange when everyone gathered around the breakfast table early, now most participants crawled down late and sleepish.

To wash the worry off everyone’s skin, the group gathered in the spirit house for a cuddle pool. Spontaneously, everyone came together in a pile of hugs to share their love and compassion with each other. It was what all of them deserved after the previous day’s adventure in the woods. As soon as they finished with swimming into each other hugs, it was time to reflect on the days spent in Hibernation.

After lunch participants cuddled for another hour – creating a new circle of loveliness. During that time the idea to build a sweat lodge surfaced. People were given a choice to help with building it or take a couple of hours for self-care. Most of them chose to have a break, but the brave ones joined hands and began gathering everything for the lodge. Slowly the afternoon slid into the evening, and everyone’s mood started to significantly improve. They couldn’t wait for the dinner and sauna that would follow the delicious dinner.

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