About Me

Name’s John.

I’m an adventurous writer, seeking out worlds mysteries and unraveling its secrets; filled with wanderlust and thirst for another story. Dreamer, with the soul of a hippie and mind of an artist, filled with optimism and passion for nature. With believing that there’s a story in every day’s situation, whenever its boring office day or crazy adventurous vacation.

A humble soul with a vision for a better tomorrow and brighter future; vision for a place that only shown in my mind or scenario that is never explored. There are multiple descriptions for me, but I like to describe myself – a writer who fell in love with something that he disliked the most – books.


I’ve never enjoyed reading books, always thought that there is more entertaining stuff going on around me. I remember how my mother used to force me to read a book when I was younger, how my father used to tell me –“son you should read this book, you will like it”. With both of them trying to steer me in direction of literature; and me, who kept denying it.

Some time ago, when a book from stores shelf landed in my hands, for only a dollar and fifty cents worth, to pass time on train rides. A slight vision appeared in my mind, a thought about emptying my mind from stories and thoughts that were piling up there for years; ideas and scenarios I’ve daydreamed about but never got to share.

For years I’ve been wondering my mind, looking for a simple answer – what is my mission here? Countless days had passed, a major amount of time had passed before my eyes, just simply looking for an answer. With time passing by I understood – there is no mission at all – simple journey in life, led by my intuition; with the guidance from the most important person – myself.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know the reason behind the stories which pop up here from time to time. Do you have a thought to share? Or perhaps story we can explore? You can contact me on any of social icons hovering above, or simply leave a comment – don’t be shy, I know I am, but I’m sensing you’re not. 🙂

“For there’s an artist in each of us, he or she just haven’t found a way to tell us that.”

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