The story of youth exchange happening in northern country Latvia. Where participants from different European countries will come together to experience and feel the breeze winter countryside for a week. During this time they will face many challenges and will have to come together to overcome them.

Day 1 – Arrival

When the train with the 20 international participants in the Hibernation youth exchange reached Tukums, the participants were welcomed by the breeze of Latvian winter and the people behind the project. Rota… Continue reading

Day 2 – Mantra & Awareness

At 8 a.m. snoring stopped and everyone crawled out of their beds so they won’t miss out breakfast. No one was in the hurry for mornings sandwiches as if they knew that everyone will be coming down at their own… Continue reading

Day 3 – Earth Day

It came early in the morning and out of a sudden. When bowls of porage were getting empty, and bellies started to feel up with joy, the darkness laid upon them. Some thought it was an accidental bump into the light… Continue reading