Hibernation: Day 5 – Lost in Woods

The morning felt ordinary up until the contribution hour, when participants helped out with household chores as usual. However, this time whispers of a hike to secret location flew from one ear to another and everyone got excited. The rumors turned out to be true, and the group quickly prepared for the day-trip. They carried a lot of essentials for the campsite and dinner. Half … Continue reading Hibernation: Day 5 – Lost in Woods

Hibernation: Day 4 – Contribution

The quiet night surprised everyone. Peaceful sleep uninterrupted by snoring was the blessing group needed for the exciting day ahead. The day for sharing knowledge with each other was here. In the morning the participants split into two groups to lead and take part in their own workshops. One group shared yoga practice, while other had a discussion about zero waste. All went smooth, perhaps, … Continue reading Hibernation: Day 4 – Contribution

Hibernation: Day 3 – Earth Day

It came early in the morning and out of a sudden. When bowls of porage were getting empty, and bellies started to feel up with joy, the darkness laid upon them. Some thought it was an accidental bump into the light switch, but no. Electricity was out, and candles quickly crawled on the table. With darkness in the room and light in everyones hearts, all … Continue reading Hibernation: Day 3 – Earth Day