There I was, sitting by the window and glancing over snow-covered trees in the far distance. Admiring the earth resting before the busy springtime. How every tree is stripped naked and purified during the winter time. The stillness from the cold run through my body. I wanted to stop time and enjoy the moment, yet time wasn’t on the same page with me. The ticking … Continue reading Memories

Hibernation: Day 1 – Arrival

When the train with the 20 international participants in the Hibernation youth exchange reached Tukums, the participants were welcomed by the breeze of Latvian winter and the people behind the project. Rota, Kristaps, and Laura, the three lovely souls who had put months of hard work and inspiration into the creation of the project greeted everyone and handed them fresh apples. Their wide smiles left … Continue reading Hibernation: Day 1 – Arrival