Journey fo Answers – Chapter 34 “Hard Truth”

The moment Matthew saw the blue light in the back mirror, he knew that it only meant one thing. The idea of this being something else rather than the police didn’t cross his mind. He knew that it could only mean one thing and being high as a kite behind the wheel wasn’t making it better. Matthew tried to remain calm, but the idea of … Continue reading Journey fo Answers – Chapter 34 “Hard Truth”


“Can I have a coffee?” she asked the policeman, but he ignored her. “State your name for the record” policeman spoke in a thorough voice “Stacy. Stacy Kruger.” “Okay Stacy, start from the beginning” he clicked the end of the pen and opened his notebook. Stacy exhaled her breath and slowly inhaled it back. Her hands stopped sweating and she tried to calm herself. In … Continue reading Coffee