Journey for Answers – Chapter 29 “Early Goodbye”

Soft folk music was playing from the stereo and Matthews’ ears moved for a tiny moment. He could feel awake, but he didn’t want to, he liked mingling between being awake or asleep. On the other hand, he thought about opening his eyes. Just out of curiosity he wanted to know the reason how music started playing. Thinking that one of them two are awake. … Continue reading Journey for Answers – Chapter 29 “Early Goodbye”


“It was cold, colder than anyone before. I can swear that I never got this cold. Every time I was here it got a lot warmer – completely different. Now I’m just really confused about this whole thing. I think how it could happen. Dudes here probably can’t explain either, but, every one of them has one thing in common. More like a word in … Continue reading Amor