BT 6360

“Guys, remember when we said we’d never drink booze and then when we started, after that we told that we’d never smoke weed? Shit, look at us now.”I took a drag and passed it on to my cousin, who enjoyed speculating about the truth. “Shit man, you can’t stop mentioning stuff like this, don’t you?” All three of us started laughing and couldn’t stop until … Continue reading BT 6360


The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled was one of the morning routine blessings, the only way for them to start functioning properly, until the afternoon. Nothing pointed out ‘good morning’ better than a cup of coffee. They knew what the day will feel like – hot, ruthless torture in the sun. They knew what comes, but they had to through it, after all, they’ve … Continue reading Painters

Night Out

The sound of applause kept coming from the other side of the door with the name ‘conference room’ written on it and continues chatter following up a brief moment after. Nicks team of architects stood right outside, with ears sharper than ever, trying to catch every word spoken by the people behind the door. Some from his team leaned beside the door for clearer sound, … Continue reading Night Out